NBA Top Shot is in beta and we’re dropping hot plays. Our launch library contains 150 top highlights from the 2019-20 NBA season. That’s 5 highlights from each team, 5 different players on each team, to make sure there is something for everybody. This library will continue to grow both forward in time as games start up again and backward in time to build a more robust look at the 2019-20 season.

Pack Drop: For the Win 

That moment when the air is sucked out of the building and even that super annoying kid with the thundersticks is frozen in place and the ball has been in the air for what seems like an eternity… if only it drops… AND IT DOES! FOR. THE. WIN!

Collect those game winning moments (and others like game-changing blocks) when everything is on the line and fate of the duelling teams is locked down. This first drop contains 9 game-winning Moments from 9 stars.

What you could score

  • A big-time comeback-sealing trey from Chicago Bulls point guard Zach LaVine
  • A nifty game-winning reverse from Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal
  • Clutch time! Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony drops a pull-up dagger 
  • Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert secures the win with a clutch late-game block

Collect all nine For the Win Moments from this drop and set yourself up to earn Derrick Rose’s buzzer-beating jumper that sunk the New Orleans Pelicans on December 29, 2019.

Key stats 

  • Pack cost: $36
  • Total packs available: 1791
  • Number-capped Moments - Only 199 of each Special Edition total
  • Drops June 23, 2020

5 moments per pack

  • 4 Base Set Moments
  • 1 Rare For the Win Moment

Back in Stock: Early Adopters 

For you lucky hoops diehards participating in early access to NBA Top Shot – this pack’s for you. The Early Adopter pack features 1 of the 10 hand-picked NBA Top Shot Moments that are only available in this Special Edition during the closed Beta. For Original Gs only.

This pack is going back into circulation with slightly higher serial numbers. Don’t sleep on these because once the closed beta is complete, they will be gone forever.

What you could score

  • Kristaps Porzingis, the Dallas Mavericks unicorn, drills a deep three
  • LA Lakers leading man Alex Caruso comes up with a big time block against the Pels
  • Utah Jazz vet Mike Conley heaves a half-court buzzer beater ftw 

Key stats

  • Pack cost: $9
  • Time-limited Moments - no cap on number of packs, no more packs sold once closed beta concludes
  • Total packs available during this 48 hour window: 1,350
  • First dropped on June 15, 2020

3 moments per pack

  • 2 Base Set Moments
  • 1 Common Early Adopters Moment  

While They Last: Cosmic 

You helped choose the players we’re featuring here, and now this top-tier, limited-edition pack is available first exclusively to our fan panel and early adopters. Once these packs sell out, Cosmic Moments will only ever be available from the lucky fans who own them… If they ever give them up. At a cap of 49 of each Exclusive Edition, they’re rarer than rare.

Legendary packs contain the most rare Moments you can find in packs today, so you may want to take this opportunity while it’s available.

What you could score

  • Beloved Dallas Maverick Luka Dončić splits the defense and drives a ferocious dunk
  • LA Clippers fun guy and superstar Kawhi Leonard drops a hammer on the Celtics
  • Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets knocks down a clutch dagger 

Key stats

  • Pack cost: $230
  • Total packs ever available: 1,470 
  • Number-capped Moments - Only 49 of each Special Edition total
  • Exclusive Editions - The Cosmic set will never contain more than these 30 plays
  • Dropped on June 15, 2020

10 moments per pack

  • 6 Base Set Moments
  • 3 Rare Metallic Gold LE Moments
  • 1 Legendary Cosmic Moment