Fast Facts:

  • Fresh Threads, a new Common Limited Edition set, is dropping Monday, November 29th at 11am PST
  • The pack will include 4 Moment™ collectibles, including 1 Fresh Threads Moment minted to 11,111 as a Limited Edition. 
  • 130,000 packs will be available for purchase at $14 per pack
  • Thousands of packs will be distributed via airdrop to reward collectors alongside the 130,000 packs on sale

August 6th, 2021. Maybe not an important date to some, but for all of us here, it’s one of the most important days of the year. The start of NBA Free Agency is when we get our first glimpses at where our favorite players will be landing and whether our favorite teams will be contending for a championship. It’s the start of something fresh.

To celebrate a summer filled with movement, rumors and #WojBombs, we’re introducing Fresh Threads. 

This will be a Common LE set, with each pack guaranteeing a Moment minted to 11,111. Featuring 15 players who made moves in the off-season, this drop will showcase stars and glue guys rocking some fresh threads. Additionally, there will be three challenge rewards in this set.

Headlining this drop we’ve got Russell Westbrook returning home to don the purple and gold, DeMar DeRozan turning the Chicago Bulls into early season contenders, Kyle Lowry leveling up an already powerful Miami Heat roster and veterans such as Ricky Rubio, Patty Mills, and Kyle Kuzma showing out for their new teams.

We mentioned that Series 3 was going to see more airdrops than ever before, and we’re tipping those airdrops off in fashion with this one. We took a snapshot at 8pm PST on November 23rd and will be rewarding select collectors who’ve completed full sets. 

  1. For every collector who owns a complete Legendary set, we’ll be airdropping 5 Fresh Threads packs. 
  2. For every collector who owns a complete Rare set, we’ll be airdropping 3 Fresh Threads packs. 
  3. For every Collector who owns a complete Fandom Summer of ‘21 set, we’ll be airdropping 1 Fresh Threads pack.
  4. For every collector who owns a complete Common Cool Cats, Seeing Stars, or WNBA: Best of 2021 set, we’ll also be airdropping a Fresh Threads pack.  

These airdrops will stack. For example, if you own two complete Rare sets and 1 complete Seeing Stars Set, we’ll airdrop you 7 packs. For collectors who own both a complete Cool Cats set and a complete Fandom Summer of ‘21 set, we’ll airdrop 2 packs. 

New to Top Shot and want in on this drop? Simply purchase a Starter Pack and hold those Moments in your account through the queue. 

Fresh Threads Set Pack Facts: 

Packs: 130,000

Price: $14

Number of Moments per pack: 4

Edition Size of Moments in packs: 11,111 LE for Fresh Threads, 4K-60K+ for Base Set

Drop Time: 11am PST on Monday, November 29th, 2021

Number of queues: 1

  • General Queue - 5+ Collector Score required

Number of packs per collector: 1, with the option to rejoin the queue while supply remains.

Editor's Note: Airdropped packs will be sent for each unique set, as per the list above, though not multiple times for the same set. For example, a collector who holds a complete Series 1 Cosmic set and 2 complete Series 1 Holo MMXX sets would receive 10 free Fresh Threads packs. 5 packs for the Cosmic Legendary set and 5 for the Holo MMXX Legendary set. We've also added links to the names of individual sets, for clarity.