Editor's Note: this blog was updated on August 7 at 2 PM ET to reflect additional Common, Rare, and Legendary Series 1 Moments that were added to the Drop, along with an updated total Pack count and net supply reduction data.

On August 8, 2023, collectors will have the chance to open new Packs filled exclusively with Series 1 Moments in exchange for 40 Trade Tickets in one of the most highly anticipated Top Shot Drops in recent history. 

At the end of this Drop, 100% of Top Shot’s unreleased Series 1 inventory from the Locker Room will be in the hands of collectors or permanently destroyed. We're also throwing in the complete inventory of every unreleased Series 1 Pack in Top Shot's possession.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Drop.

Trade Tickets NBA Top Shot


The Drop will begin on August 8, 2023, at 8 PM ET

It will end when every Pack is sold to collectors. 

If any Packs remain unsold on August 15, 2023, by 1 PM ET, they will be burned and permanently destroyed.


You can join the Drop here.

There will be 22,596 Packs (previously 20,963 Packs) with 67,788 total Moments (previously 62,889 total Moments) available for 40 Trade Tickets per Pack.

Each Pack will have 3 Series 1 Moments inside, with the possibility of a Common, Rare, or Legendary Moment.

A complete list of every Moment inside these Packs and the quantity of the Moments can be found here. 

Moments from the following Series 1 Sets can be found inside these Packs:


  • Base Set
  • Early Adopters 
  • Got Game
  • Hometown Showdown: Cali vs. NY 


  • Conference Semifinals
  • Denied!
  • Eastern Conference Finals
  • For The Win
  • Metallic Gold LE
  • MVP Moves
  • Rookie Debut
  • Run It Back
  • So Fresh
  • The Finals
  • Throwdowns
  • Western Conference Finals
  • With The Strip 


  • 2020 NBA Finals
  • Cosmic
  • From The Top
  • Holo MMXX
  • Lace ‘Em Up 

Notably, there are now 21 additional Legendary Moments added (28 total) and 672 (818 total) additional Rare Moments added.


To join the Drop, collectors will need 40 Trade Tickets. Any Moment in your collection can be exchanged for 1 Trade Ticket here

When you exchange a Moment for a Trade Ticket, the Moment is burned, permanently reducing the supply of that Moment on Top Shot.

When you exchange a Moment for a Trade Ticket, you also lose the Top Shot Score assigned to that Moment. 

  • Collectors with a 200,000 Total Drop Score or lower can purchase 2 Packs when it’s their turn in the Queue. 
  • Collectors with a 200,001-499,999 Total Drop Score can purchase 4 Packs when it’s their turn in the Queue.
  • Collectors with a 500,000-999,999 Total Drop Score can purchase 8 Packs when it’s their turn in the Queue.
  • Collectors with a 1,000,000 or higher Total Drop Score can purchase 16 Packs when it’s their turn in the Queue. 
  • Collectors can improve their Total Drop Score by growing their collection at any point leading up to (and during) the Drop. 

Collectors can rejoin the Queue to purchase additional Packs, while supplies last, with no maximum limit on the number of Packs they can purchase. 


In the process of exchanging 40 Trade Tickets for 3 Series 1 Moments, Top Shot collectors will permanently remove 836,052 Moments from the overall supply once the Drop is sold out.

When the Pack Drop is over, all of Top Shot’s unreleased Series 1 inventory in the Locker Room and in our Pack Inventory will be in the hands of our collectors, completing a process that first began in November 2021. This does not include Genesis 1/1 Moments.

As the first Moments from the first year of NBA Top Shot history, we hope you enjoy opening these Packs and adding these unique collectibles to your collection.