Fortune favors those who aren’t afraid of big moments. This season, For the Win, a Rare set filled with nothing but game-winning plays returns to NBA Top Shot and throughout the next week, you can secure Packs and Rewards loaded with them in a variety of ways.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the drop.



#1 Pack Drop Details

#2 Team & Player Leaderboards

#3 Challenge Rewards & Expert Challenges

#4 For the Win Set Rewards

#5 Pack Leaderboards


For the Win returns in the Rare Tier for the 2023-24 Series with mint counts of /699.

The first six players to secure their spots in the set are Alex Caruso, Jusuf Nurkic, Karl-Anthony Towns, Keldon Johnson, Klay Thompson and Challenge Reward LaMelo Ball.

For the Win: December

Time: Presale Begins December 7, 2023 and closes December 12, 2023 at 11 AM ET [RESERVE NOW]

Price: $19 USD

5 Moments Per Pack: 1 Guaranteed For the Win Moment, 25% chance of 2nd For the Win Moment (or 75% Base Set Moment), 1 Guaranteed Rookie Debut, 2 Guaranteed Base Set Moments

Total Packs: 1,570

Quick Rip For the Win: December

Time: December 12, 2023 at 7:30 PM ET (Waiting Room at 6:30 PM ET) 

Price: $6 USD

4 Moments Per Pack: 10% chance of For the Win Moment (or 90% Base Set Moment), 50% chance of Rookie Debut (or 50% Base Set Moment), 2 Guaranteed Base Set Moments

Total Packs: Fewer than 5,000 packs split between Web and App

Following the Quick Rips pack drop, we will have a limited number of Quick Rips available for Trade Tickets next week.


This season, we’ve set aside an allotment of Moments for the Leaderboards associated with the teams and players in each Rare and Legendary drop. These draws are weighted based on Top Shot Score, the more Top Shot Score a collector has, the higher their chance to win. We see you collecting, we see you stacking, so when players and teams you love earn new Moments, we want to enhance your collection.


Collectors who rank on the Team Leaderboards of the teams associated with Moments in this drop will have a special opportunity to land new Moments from their team. Ten of each of the For the Win Moments introduced in this drop will be distributed this way.

In these weighted draws of 10 total Moments, 5 Moments were allocated for collectors in the Top 500, 4 Moments were allocated to collectors in the Top 1,000 (including, again, the Top 500), and one Moment was eligible to any Collector on the leaderboard.

For example, on October 31, 2023, San Antonio Spurs fans watched as their squad scrapped and clawed their way to a late-game rally against the Phoenix Suns, punctuated by a game-winning Keldon Johnson steal and go-ahead bucket. Those Spurs fans, supporters who’ve worked their way up the Spurs Team Leaderboard, will be the ones randomly selected to receive Johnson’s first career For the Win Moment.

*Another Moment dropping with the For the Win Moments is Brooklyn Nets rookie Dariq Whitehead’s Rookie Debut. As has been the case for all Rookie Debuts, five of these Moments will be made available to collectors on the Brooklyn Nets Team Leaderboard.


Additionally, 10 For the Win Moments of each player from this drop will be airdropped to those who rank on each associated Player Leaderboard. 

As with the Team Leaderboard distribution, 5 Moments were allocated for collectors in the Top 500, 4 Moments were allocated to collectors in the Top 1,000 (including, again, the Top 500), and 1 Moment was eligible to any collector on the leaderboard.

For example, on November 18, 2023, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns showcased just how deep his offensive bag really is with a game-winning runner off the dribble against the New Orleans Pelicans. KAT fans who’ve filled their collections with Towns Moments and worked their way up his Player Leaderboard will be in the best position to win his latest.

At the bottom of this blog post is the full list of collectors who won this first batch of For The Win Moments. The winners of the airdrop were selected on a weighted basis on Thursday, Dec. 7 between 11:50 - 12:20 PM ET.


Challenge Rewards are nothing new to NBA Top Shot collectors but we’re raising the stakes this season with the introduction of Expert Challenges for sets that never had them previously - including For the Win.

After Tuesday’s pack drops, collectors will immediately have their chance to complete the first For the Win Challenge for an exclusive Rare LaMelo Ball Moment. Lock each Rare Moment released in the first For the Win drop before the timer ends on December 19, 2023 and you’ll get your hands on Ball showcasing his game-saving lock-down clamps.

There will be no more than 30 For the Win editions in drops this season, plus up to 6 Challenge Rewards and an Expert Challenge to round out the set. 

Collect every For the Win Moment released throughout the entire series, including the LaMelo Ball and every other Challenge Reward, and earn an Expert Challenge Reward at the end of the 2023-24 campaign.

Completing and locking sets with Expert Challenges in the 2023-24 season will provide collectors with the chance at a special prize beyond the Expert Challenge Reward itself. More details will be shared later this season.


Collectors who’ve already established strong For the Win collections will be well positioned to secure a reward in the For the Win drop. All collectors who lock a complete Series 4 For the Win set before December 12, 2023 at 11 AM ET will receive a custom For the Win Set Reward Pack, featuring two guaranteed Rare For the Win Moments and three additional Base Set Common Moments.

Collectors may collect and lock up to two full Series 4 For the Win sets and receive up to two Set Reward Packs.


Compete for a For the Win pack on a Pack Leaderboard by burning For the Win Moments from previous seasons or Rare and Legendary Moments from the six players associated with the first drop.

A total of 50 packs will be made available for collectors who top this pop-up burn leaderboard.

📅 Start: December 7, 2023 [COMPETE NOW]

📅 End: December 12, 2023 at 11 AM ET

Alex Caruso For the Win Winners - Player Leaderboard

  • unifish (No. 3)
  • zek (No. 5)
  • CoachJake (No. 8)
  • AndyWarholla (No. 49)
  • JAHBLESS (No. 55)
  • katiep (No. 64)
  • PhoenixCKO (No. 131)
  • ApproachesInfinity (No. 216)
  • MichaelJordan23 (No. 228)
  • ArchdukeAwesomesauce (No. 334)

Alex Caruso For the Win Winners - Chicago Bulls Leaderboard

  • dingaling (No. 1)
  • steve (No. 8)
  • TheOneHitWonder (No. 26)
  • malkymack (No. 29)
  • gothom48 (No. 55)
  • mrnonel (No. 95)
  • Jweeezzzy (No. 141)
  • BDS_525 (No. 226)
  • ArcticFlareon (No. 418)
  • jazzmatazz (No. 739)

Jusuf Nurkic For the Win Winners - Player Leaderboard

  • BlazerFan8080 (No. 7)
  • Finnish_Flash (No. 31)
  • cheesemaker (No. 42)
  • trailblazer18 (No. 64)
  • TyMurray (No. 98)
  • Stags (No. 156)
  • WIDOMKR (No. 263)
  • mxtthxw (No. 269)
  • n8frogdog (No. 280)
  • fitchi_03 (No. 433)

Jusuf Nurkic For the Win Winners - Phoenix Suns Leaderboard

  • DancingBarrow (No. 10)
  • PhxSunsThrowback (No. 23)
  • Jeffdw20 (No. 38)
  • JonPurdue (No. 180)
  • dalahad (No. 322)
  • Padrebarracus (No. 335)
  • currysteph (No. 457)
  • TheHeadHoncho (No. 459)
  • dickbeas (No. 682)
  • jtlee (No. 1,334)

Karl-Anthony Towns For the Win Winners - Player Leaderboard

  • runcornwaves (No. 7)
  • staystacced (No. 12)
  • JenK (No. 22)
  • cubbieman (No. 29)
  • bookitjvb (No. 43)
  • AhmadScientist (No. 68)
  • fzk (No. 69)
  • CoachJake (No. 112)
  • Talon_Time (No. 158)
  • tahoetoys (No. 672)

Karl-Anthony Towns For the Win Winners - Minnesota Timberwolves Leaderboard

  • Lakerlife (No. 1)
  • fasteddy99 (No. 31)
  • las_happiness22822 (No. 39)
  • Rubber_Duckies (No. 57)
  • novo (No. 167)
  • foryoufrank_91 (No. 189)
  • ImaLuckSac (No. 390)
  • secondary_chow_chow (No. 451)
  • Twolves21 (No. 814)
  • stormVIII (No. 989)

Keldon Johnson For the Win Winners - Player Leaderboard

  • dingaling (No. 1)
  • alxo (No. 8)
  • S_Unit (No. 13)
  • trigeki (No. 20)
  • Wades (No. 57)
  • Marty_Mar (No. 78)
  • mission909 (No. 112)
  • SanManSpecial (No. 208)
  • kidduke10 (No. 272)
  • PimplepopperMD (No. 489)

Keldon Johnson For the Win Winners - San Antonio Spurs Leaderboard

  • alxo (No. 2)
  • PandaBearGuy (No. 21)
  • Napoleon (No. 30)
  • cyclonicdynasty (No. 59)
  • Blazincaucasian (No. 192)
  • ElNidoCatSanctuary (No. 258)
  • SwiftKill (No. 277)
  • MCenterprise (No. 284)
  • matrim (No. 518)
  • Tfire (No. 949)

Klay Thompson For the Win Winners - Player Leaderboard

  • Cuteknick (No. 4)
  • Libruary (No. 10)
  • jcoleman (No. 19)
  • Glorious101 (No. 35)
  • r3ddm15t (No. 44)
  • huge_tomatoes5284 (No. 187)
  • two5_relik (No. 220)
  • jhass2021 (No. 427)
  • trimabe (No. 499)
  • klew_p6 (No. 1,058)

Klay Thompson For the Win Winners - Golden State Warriors Leaderboard

  • woodenwootten (No. 4)
  • MrYLM126 (No. 6)
  • Haku (No. 12)
  • JaceCarson (No. 27)
  • Shebaz (No. 44)
  • sarcastronaut (No. 109)
  • RyanSterling (No. 137)
  • to_the_moon_ (No. 356)
  • Truth (No. 506)
  • AaronBorland (No. 4,863)

Dariq Whitehead Rookie Debut Winners - Brooklyn Nets Leaderboard

  • steveoms (No. 7)
  • arielremer (No. 119)
  • kidduke10 (No. 170)
  • choetrain (No. 525)
  • TravisH (No. 950)