Haven’t gotten your collection going yet? Looking to bolster your already booming collection of challenge rewards? Either way, this pack is for you. 

For starters, it's our first-ever challenge designed exclusively from common set Moments. Also, it’s accessible with only 5 Moments needed to complete the challenge. Lastly, as if the deal needs sweetening, Drop 1 features some desirable low serial number base set Moments.

Easy enough for you? No catch. Promise. 


Some of the Moments you can snag in this pack include:

This first drop contains 5 different Moments in total, and is the first of 4 Got Game drops that will come over the course of the next 4 weeks. In each pack, you’re guaranteed at least 1 of the 5 Moments needed to complete the weekly challenge.

If you collect the 5 required Moments by the time the challenge ends, you’ll be rewarded with a never-to-be-sold-in-packs Moment in which the Hornets’ leading scorer, DeVonte’ Graham, carves up the OKC defense and dances his way to a clutch crunch-time layup. 

At the end of the 4 drops, we'll have a yet-to-be-announced reward for all collectors who manage to snag all 24 Moments from the Got Game set.


  • Pack cost: $9
  • 3 Moments per pack.
  • Drops: 9 AM PDT, Monday, October 26
  • Time-limited pack: These packs will be available until Wednesday, November 4 at 5 PM PST. As a common pack, if these sell out we may make more available (Updated)

Here’s a complete list of every Moment available in these time-limited packs (while supplies last).

And as always, if there's a particular Moment you need to complete your set, you can hit the Marketplace to see what your fellow collectors are offering up. There's always a value play to make over there.


Two NBA Finals-related challenges moving quickly, that’s what.

The 2020 NBA Finals Challenge wraps up in just a few days. Collect all 9 legendary Moments from that set and score a legendary Moment where the veteran Kentavious Caldwell-Pope fakes the 3 to create space, then drives to the rack for a silky layup in Game 4 of the hard-fought NBA Finals series. 

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Collect all 9 Moments and score a rare Moment where Jimmy Butler, the Heat’s leading scorer, caps off his triple-double night with a clutch turnaround jumper to clinch Game 5.

To complete an NBA Top Shot challenge, you must collect one of each of the required Moments, hold on to them until the timer runs out, and we’ll send you this exclusive reward. 

Looking for other ways to get your friends in the game? $10,000 Zion Cosmic a little too rich for your appetite? How about a $1 Moment to get a taste for the glory of owning a piece of NBA history? 

Your fellow collectors have you covered in the Marketplace. Sort by player, team, set, and also price to find the right pieces to add to your collection. 

Need an assist? Hit up hello@nbatopshot.com. Andres and his crew will get you sorted.