What’s up Top Shot Squad,

If you’ve been hustling over the last month, nabbing Got Game common Moments left and right, your persistence is about to pay off. 

Introducing the Got Game "Master Challenge": Collect all 24 common Moments from the Got Game set and you’ll earn yourself a rare never-to-be-sold-in-packs Rookie Debut Moment from the Philadelphia 76ers’ defensive stalwart Matisse Thybulle.

You read that right: common Moments are about to earn collectors an extremely coveted rare reward from one of the best young defensive stoppers in the entire NBA. And this Moment in particular captures what Matisse Thybulle is all about; watch the neophyte block his opponent’s shot and leak out in transition to finish an emphatic fast break slam

Of course, while the Moments you need in order to complete this challenge are common Moments, some of them were only distributed to collectors who participated in earlier Got Game challenges, meaning they were never sold in packs. As a result, some of the Moments in this set will be harder to obtain than others. 

Do not fret, though. Whether you’ve already finished the set or haven't even started, every single Moment required to complete this challenge should be available on the Marketplace. And because these are all common Moments, they’re more accessibly priced than some of the other challenges we have going on in Challenge Week. 

That's all to say, if you put in the effort, we're quite certain that the rare Matisse Thybulle Rookie Debut Moment will be worth the squeeze. 

To complete this Challenge, you must acquire at least one of each of the required Moments from the Got Game set, hold on to them until the timer runs out, and we’ll send you this exclusive reward!

We repeat: these Moments are no longer available in packs, so you’ll need to find them in the Marketplace in order to participate.


  • Moments in set: 24
  • Drops: 2 PM PST, Wednesday, December 2
  • Challenge expiration date: This challenge will expire on Friday, December 11th and 10 AM PST


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Need an assist? Hit up hello@nbatopshot.com. Andres and his crew will get you sorted.