Your ability to make Offers in the Top Shot Marketplace just got a serious upgrade. 

Since Offers launched in late June, we’ve loved seeing all of our collectors pursue their favorite Common, Fandom, Rare and Legendary Moments with this new Marketplace feature. 

As of August 23, just 60 days after rolling out this new element of our peer-to-peer Marketplace, 467,742 Offers have been made by our community and 52,880 have been accepted, with an average accepted Offer price of $56 and an all-time high accepted Offer of $23,158. 

Starting now, an improved Offers system is live — featuring Edition Offers and Serial Offers.

NBA Top Shot Offers
Trae Young Moment details are placeholder information for purposes of these supporting screenshots in a demo Offers environment. This is to demonstrate the Offers experience.
NBA Top Shot Offers

This is part one of a two-pronged approach to the future of Offers, rolling out over the next 14 days to ensure the best experience for our collectors without compromising on quality. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Serial Offers (Live Now): Just like before, you can place an Offer on the exact serial number of a specific Moment you want in your collection. This is a 1:1 Offer from one collector to another collector, which they can accept or ignore.

  • Edition Offers (Live Now): You can now place an Offer on any Moment in the Marketplace, regardless of the serial number. If you see something you want and don’t care if it’s serial #123 or #972, make an Offer to try and get any serial number of the Moment you want at the price you’re willing to pay. Any owner of the Moment can accept your Offer, creating more flexibility and liquidity in the Marketplace for our buyers and sellers.
NBA Top Shot Offers
NBA Top Shot Offers
NBA Top Shot Offers
  • Hide Offers (Coming September): If you receive an Offer on a Top Shot Moment you aren’t interested in selling, or don’t like the value of the Offer you received, you can hide the Offer as part-two of our new Offers rollout. The ability to formally reject an Offer is coming later in 2022. 

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Offers Housekeeping 

In the process of developing our on-chain Offers system, it was in the best interest of the feature and user experience to create a brand new smart contract.

As a result, we redesigned and rewrote the Serial Offers system from the initial rollout. This means that all outstanding and pending Offers made before today will be canceled within 1-2 days of the ability to hide Offers going live.  

The new Offers system is a clean slate and fresh start — freeing up your notifications from any previous lingering Offers you weren’t interested in, and giving everyone the ability to pursue any Moment they want for their collection. 

So, what Moment are you eyeing for your next Offer? Go find the newest piece of your collection in the Top Shot Marketplace today.