Who has the most impressive Kevin Durant collection on NBA Top Shot? With Player Leaderboards, it's time to find out. 

Having a favorite player matters. 

Fans name their pets after them. 

The number they wear is at the end of your email address. 

These players not only become a part of your journey as a fan, they become a part of your identity as an adult. 

Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to share our big leap forward toward the future, as we launch Player Leaderboards to help fans flex their fandom and earn exclusive rewards from their favorite stars. 

As of today, every single NBA player with a Moment on Top Shot has a dedicated Player Leaderboard, live now. Click here to check it out.

By locking any NBA player’s Moments, you can compete against other collectors and fans for bragging rights — and the Moments you lock will also count towards your ranking in each player’s Team Leaderboard too. By collecting Moments from the NBA players who win key seasonal awards and locking those Moments to Player Leaderboards, you’ll unlock access to exclusive new Player Leaderboard Rewards. What happens on the court will determine what happens on NBA Top Shot. 

You can start locking today, and continue to lock all season long. After the 2022-2023 NBA season ends, completely unique new Moment Rewards will be airdropped to collectors who rank high enough, exact mint counts and snapshot thresholds will be shared before the end of the year.

  • The NBA Most Valuable Player will earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment.

  • The NBA Rookie of the Year will earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment.

  • The Defensive Player of the Year will earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment.

  • The 15 All-NBA 1st, 2nd and 3rd Team Members will each earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment.

  • The 5 All-Rookie 1st Team Members will each earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment.

  • The 5 All-Defensive 1st Team Members will each earn their top collectors an exclusive new Moment. 

Player Leaderboards are going to become a major part of the Top Shot experience in Series 4, and we can’t wait to witness the season unfold together.


What about every player who doesn’t win one of the awards above? 

Players in Series 4 who do not earn one of the awards mentioned above will not receive Moment Rewards. These Leaderboards exist for you to show off and compete for placement as a top fan. They come with the added benefit of their points counting towards Team Leaderboards.

Will the criteria and cut-offs for these Leaderboard Rewards be shared in advance?

Yes, we will provide updates about how many Moments will be minted for each reward, what types of Moments they will be, and when your eligibility to qualify for a reward ends. 

All of these awards are determined and announced at the end of the NBA season. 

We will convey these updates to you, including snapshot date ranges, in advance of that deadline and when we are ready to share more. 

Are the Player Leaderboard Reward Moments the only guaranteed Rewards for participating in locking Moments to these Leaderboards?

Yes. We reserve the right to use Leaderboard placement as a decision-making factor and criteria for potential opportunities that may arise in the future, but do not intend on building guaranteed rewards beyond these criteria in Series 4.

If a player is MVP, All-NBA and Defensive Player of the Year, will they receive 3 Moments?

Yes they will. 

Will retired players whose Moments I own and lock make me eligible for rewards? 
Retired players who are no longer in the NBA are not part of our core Player Leaderboard Reward plans in Series 4. 

Collectors should not expect to earn new Moments or benefits outside of Top Shot — like merch and IRL experiences — for climbing a Player Leaderboard for your favorite retired players. If and when one-off opportunities come to light to celebrate a retired player, it’s possible that Player Leaderboards play a role in how participants are chosen, but these opportunities will not come often or be treated equally across all players.

Will Top Shot’s All-Star Game Moments count for Player Leaderboards? 
Yes, for example, you can lock Moments from “Team LeBron” and “Team Durant” to climb the ranks of the respective players who appeared in these Series 2 and Series 3 All-Star Game sets. 

Are Team Moments eligible for Player Leaderboard points? 

No. If you were to earn a Team Leaderboard Reward and lock that Moment, the players featured in that Moment — whether modern or retired — will not count towards the Player Leaderboards for those players because they are Team Moments, not Player Moments. These Moments will count towards Team Leaderboards. 

Will there be rewards regarding players outside of the winners of the NBA's regular season awards?

There could be additional opportunities to earn Moment and other rewards for being a top collector on a Player's Leaderboard. Those rewards will distributed using their own set of rules, and it may vary from one reward to the next. These rewards would be in addition to any of the guaranteed rewards included as part of the Series 4 plans.

Will the NBA’s Most Improved Player, 6th Man of the Year, All-Rookie 2nd team and All-Defensive 2nd team be eligible for Player Leaderboard Rewards?
No. Only the awards identified above are guaranteed to come with exclusive Moment Rewards in Series 4.

To get started on the Leaderboards of your favorite players, lock their Moments today.