It's been nearly a month since #NBAXmas, featuring our first-ever tiered Flash Challenges.

And as we look toward the second half of the season, here's a quick look at some trends happening around the Marketplace.

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December Stats


  • December: 1,369,786 purchases in the Marketplace
  • Second-most single-month transactions in NBA Top Shot history
  • Up 6.6% compared to November.
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Big Purchases

  • 61 purchases of Moments over $10k.
  • Up 259% compared to November.
  • Moments over $10k accounted for $1.1M in sales volume
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Avg Sale Price per Moment

Showcase Challenges

  • December had the most Showcase Challenges of any month ever, with 26 (beat old record by 10)
  • November's 16 total Challenges beat the then-old record of 9 in October.
  • From there, December increased over November by 63%
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Trade-Ins/Trade Tickets

  • December: 751,674 Moments traded in
  • December marks the 4th month since Trade-Ins went live in Sept.
  • December represented 44.5% of all Moments exchanged for Trade Tickets in Top Shot history. 1,687,893 total Trade-Ins in Top Shot history (Sept-Dec) with 751,674 of those coming in Dec.

KD Launch Day

Total Transaction Volume