Today's the day: the Hustle & Show airdrop will be delivered.

These packs, containing two irresistible Hustle & Show Moments, will be going to all collectors who either:

  1. Had a complete Hustle & Show (Series 2) set as of Friday, April 29 at 3pm PDT.
  2. Had complete Hustle & Show (Series 3) set as of Friday, April 29 at 3pm PDT.
  3. Were one of the last 30,000 accounts to spend $20+ in the Marketplace and have verified their identity at one point, as of Friday, April 29 at 3pm PDT.

For many collectors in the Hustlin’ Showroom, this means they’ll be rewarded with three packs airdropped toward their account. For others, especially those who’ve recently completed Hustle & Show (Series 3), they’ll be receiving two packs, containing four Hustle & Show Moments total. 

The Moment™ NFTs involved in these packs are:

  • LeBron James with a heads up steal into a one man fast break
  • LaMelo Ball with the potential pass of the year
  • Jonathan Kuminga turning heads with a reverse windmill 
  • Poku doing Poku things
  • Darius Garland getting into the trenches for a pickpocket and ensuing bounce pass assist from the floor

And, for those looking to earn something special, there’s a Challenge Reward from Anthony Davis, as he shows the top overall pick that he’s still an absolute monster defensively when healthy, swatting two shot attempts in a matter of seconds against Cade Cunningham.

Congrats to the 30K+ collectors receiving packs today. They'll be delivered by 7pm PDT. We hope you pull something you love.