• Kevin Durant is about to drop the first-ever packs on NBA Top Shot curated by an NBA player – featuring 6 Moments hand-picked and narrated by KD himself.
  • The new “Game Recognize Game” set drops in a first-of-its-kind NBA Top Shot Pack drop on Feb. 3.

  • KD Certified Standard ($19) and Elite ($49) Packs, featuring these new Game Recognize Game Moments, will also introduce a new pack drop format which makes Common, Rare and Legendary Moments more accessible to all NBA Top Shot fans.


The NBA is a brotherhood. 

So many of the league’s stars grow up playing together, as teammates and opponents. Competing. Evolving. Pushing each other to greatness. When they finally meet on the game’s highest stage, heated competition is met with mutual admiration and respect. 

When the final whistle blows, game recognize game.

In honor of one of the NBA’s most lethal offensive players, currently No. 23 on the all-time scoring list, we’re bringing the spirit of that camaraderie to life. Kevin Durant’s career is history in the making, and today, we’re making NBA Top Shot history. 

Game Recognize Game is a new Limited Edition Set dropping on Thursday, Feb. 3, that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before.

It’s the first time an NBA player has built their own set on NBA Top Shot, connecting fans with the game in a totally new way. 

Six plays. Hand-picked and narrated by KD himself. Plus a brand-new KD Limited Edition (LE) Moment as a Challenge Reward. 

For an in-depth chat about the six Moments being featured in Game Recognize Game, KD is speaking live with members of the NBA Top Shot community in the Nine Lives Lounge at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022. 

Only 10,000 of each of KD’s Game Recognize Game Moments will ever exist.  


The release of Game Recognize Game is pretty epic, and to celebrate this rare occasion, we’re introducing a new test for the way we drop packs. 

While supplies last, everyone that purchases a pack will have the chance to pull a Common, Rare or Legendary Moment from our new $19 Standard Pack and $49 Elite Pack options. 

  • KD Certified Standard Packs will cost $19 and will contain four Moments. One will have the chance at being a Limited Edition Common, Rare or Legendary, but all four could be Series 3 Base Set Moments.
  • KD Certified Elite Packs will cost $49 and will contain five Moments. One will be guaranteed to be a Limited Edition Common, Rare or Legendary, with the other four being Series 3 Base Set Moments. 
  • The LE Common Moments in these packs are from the Game Recognize Game set. 
  • The Rare Moments included will be newly minted Metallic Gold LE Series 3 Moments, including a Kevin Durant Metallic Gold LE from a 51-point performance against the Pistons. 
  • The Legendary Moments included will be newly minted Holo Icon Series 3 Moments. 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. 

For $19 and $49, NBA Top Shot fans can purchase a pack and have a chance at pulling a Game Recognize Game, Metallic Gold LE or Holo Icon Moment.

Rare Moments are among the most exciting in all of Top Shot. For the Metallic Gold LE Moments being featured in these packs, only 749 of each will ever exist.

Legendary Moments are the most exclusive in all of Top Shot, and for the Holo Icon Moments being featured in these packs, only 99 of each will ever exist. When curating the Moments in our Legendary tier, we pay special attention to jaw-dropping plays that will forever be immortalized on the blockchain as elite collectibles. 

Here's a look at Kevin Durant's Rare and Legendary Moments in our Marketplace today.

The higher your Collector Score, the more packs you’ll be able to purchase (while supplies last), but anyone will be eligible to line up in the Standard Pack Queue to purchase at least one pack.

We are excited about what this test can mean for the future of this product, and we have more details about this new pack format, along with the probabilities of pulling a Rare or Legendary Moment from these packs, in a dedicated and detailed blog post right here

Leading up to the Game Recognize Game Pack Drop, expect more opportunities to recognize and reward your fandom. For starters, a snapshot was taken at 11am PST on January 24, 2022 for a Game Recognize Game Pack Airdrop.

There will be 1 Standard pack airdropped for each completed set of:

  • Base Set (Series 1)
  • Got Game (Series 1)
  • Early Adopters (Series 1)
  • Base Set (Series 2)
  • Cool Cats (Series 2)
  • Base Set (Series 3)
  • WNBA 2021 (Summer 2021)

There will be 1 Elite pack airdropped for each completed set of:

  • MGLE (Series 1)
  • MGLE (Series 2)
  • MGLE (Series 3)
  • MSFE (Series 3)
  • WNBA RIB (Summer 2021)

There will be 3 Elite packs airdropped for each completed set of: 

  • Holo MMXX (Series 1)
  • Holo Icon (Series 2)
  • In Her Bag (Summer 2021)

See you on Feb. 3 for this historic pack drop with Kevin Durant.