The history of the NBA cannot be told without NBA All-Star. Over the league’s 75 years, NBA All-Star has been a fixture for 71 of them, and for the next 5 years, you have a chance to witness the future of basketball first-hand. You can become a 5-time NBA All-Star. 

In partnership with NBA Top Shot, the NBA has created 31 NBA All-Star VIP Pass NFTs, each backed by unprecedented utility and access for basketball fans. 

30 of these 1/1 NFTs, each representing an NBA team, will be made available via auction, starting on February 23, 2022. More details about these auctions are available here

1 of these 1/1 NFTs, representing the NBA logo, will be made available via sweepstakes that is free to enter with an existing or new NBA Top Shot account, starting on February 17, 2022. More details about participating in this sweepstakes can be found here

For participants in our auctions and sweepstakes, the utility of these extremely scarce NFTs, beyond being the first 1/1 NBA NFTs released from the NBA x Dapper Labs, consists of benefits for the next five NBA All-Stars, beginning with NBA All-Star 2023 in Salt Lake City, which includes the following:

  • Inside access to All-Star planning via a virtual panel with NBA Events prior to arrival
  • Personalized All-Star itinerary with VIP support
  • Two lower-bowl tickets to the NBA All-Star Game, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, which includes the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, the MTN DEW® 3-Point Contest and the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, and Clorox Rising Stars
  • Shootaround with an NBA Legend on NBA All-Star court
  • An exclusive guest invitation to an NBA reception
  • A VIP merchandise bag, including an NBA All-Star jersey
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the host arena with an NBA executive
  • An on-court photo on the official NBA All-Star Game court
  • A 25,000 point NBA Top Shot Collector Score increase 

The story of NBA All-Star and NBA Top Shot, this year and in the future, will be told together. 

You have the opportunity to witness that story unfold first-hand. You have the chance to become a 5-time All-Star. Will you take it?