One of the best things about being an NBA Top Shot collector is connecting with like-minded people and enjoying exclusive events and experiences together.

Sometimes it's going to NBA games or watch parties and sometimes, it's meeting NBA players in person or winning Legendary Top Shot Moments.

All of these have happened in our Fan Communities over the last weekend! Not to mention all the utility Team Captains have been building all season. 

To be involved in these Fan Communities and all they have to offer, collectors simply need to own one Single Series Team Set of the Fan Community they wish to join.

This gets you access to the Discord Teams Channel and all the initiatives being organized by each Team Captain.

And right now, you could win one of 60 Rare Packs simply by joining a Fan Community which you haven’t previously joined.

We want to give NBA Top Shot collectors every chance to get a look at everything they have to offer, from exclusive Flash Challenges to NBA Tickets and merch.

So, we’ve decided to extend the promotion to February 8th. Here’s how:

Go to your Checklists here -> and use the drop-down to navigate to the team's Fan Community you Want to join

Select which Unique Series you want to complete. S1, S2, or S3.

The Checklist will show you which Moments you need to complete with direct links to the Marketplace showing you all the eligible Moments.

Once you’ve completed the Checklist, head over to Discord.

Find the Collabland-join channel and click ‘Let’s Go” and then “Connect Wallet”. After logging into your account will be synced with discord allowing you entry to the Fan Community and a chance at winning a Rare Pack.

If you’re new to Discord and want to look around, check out our Pick-a-team channel, which will let you connect in the one Eastern and one Western Conference Team Channel of your choice to see what all the fuss is about.

Don’t miss out on weekly contests, giveaways, match tickets, events, and more available through NBA Top Shot’s Fan Communities program. Check your Checklist and join your crew! Join now!