Welcome to the June 2023 Top Shot Mailbag! With the NBA Finals over and the Denver Nuggets your 2023 NBA Champions, collectors can expect a fun summer ahead of us. Here’s a look at what’s coming, and answers to other frequently asked questions we received.

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What are your plans for the NBA Offseason? 

As we work towards the closure of Series 4 and the beginning of Series 5, here’s a look at some of what you can expect during the NBA offseason:  

  • NBA Con and NBPA Brotherhood Deli: We’ll be in Vegas for NBA Summer League and NBA Con from July 7-9 to meet and connect with collectors and NBA Fans.

  • Team Leaderboards: Complete the delivery of the final Team Leaderboard Reward (Legendary Year in Review Moments) — the Snapshot was taken at 12:30 PM ET on June 28, 2023.

  • Player Leaderboards: Complete the snapshot and delivery of every Rare and Legendary Player Leaderboard Reward — snapshot and delivery in July.

  • Set Rewards: Deliver Set Rewards to collectors who locked S1-S3 completed NBA Sets between January 5, 2023, and May 31, 2023.

  • Series 1 Distribution: Distribute (or burn) all remaining unreleased Series 1 Moments.

  • NBA History: Celebrate NBA history with new historical Moments across multiple tiers (details to be shared later this summer).

  • 2023 WNBA Season: Celebrate the 2023 WNBA Season with limited edition collectibles. 

  • Product Enhancements: Collector-focused improvements to the website and App in every way. 

That’s not everything, but it should paint a picture of what’s coming. 

What can we expect at Las Vegas, Summer League, and NBA Con this July? 

This July, we’re extremely excited to work directly with the NBA and NBPA for two different events.

  • NBA Con: We will be at the NBA’s inaugural NBA Con (July 7-9), with a physical activation at the venue all weekend long. Collectors who join us will be eligible to check out exclusive Vegas x Top Shot merch and Packs. To get 20% off your tickets to NBA Con, use the code TS20 at checkout
  • NBPA Brotherhood Deli: We are partnering with the NBPA at Thomas & Mack as part of their “Brotherhood Deli” activation during the first weekend of Summer League (July 8-9). Collectors can redeem free Moments while enjoying the games.

We hope you can make it to Vegas, but if you can’t be there, we’ll have plenty of coverage of the festivities.

Will NBA Top Shot Release New Common and Rare Series 4 Moments? 

Yes, Moments from the 2022-23 season will be released in July and potentially August. Series 4 Historical Moments may be released past August as well.

  • Additional Base Set Moments will be released. We want to ensure that certain stars and teams are represented at the foundation of our Common Set. 

  • New Throwdowns (3 Moments + 1 Challenge Reward), For The Win (2 Moments + 1 Challenge Reward), and Video Game Numbers (3 Moments + 1 Challenge Reward) will be released. These are the final Moments in each Set.

These Moments are coming in July and potentially August across Locked Set Rewards Packs, App-exclusive Drops, and other forms of distribution.

When can we expect Series 4 Team Checklists to be finalized? 

The Series 4 Team Checklists will be finalized when Series 4 closes. 

When will the final Team Leaderboard Snapshot of Series 4 happen? 

This Snapshot took place at 12:30 PM ET on June 28, 2023. 

The Final Team Leaderboard Reward will be the first Legendary Team Moments, minted to /50 each, with a “Year In Review” theme. These Moments are Reels.

A full list of the Top 50 collectors for all 30 NBA teams can be found here.

The rewards will be distributed this summer. This concludes the Series 4 Team Leaderboard Reward Snapshots.

As we prepare for the snapshots connected to Rare and Legendary Player Leaderboard Rewards, expect at least 48 hours of advanced notice to be provided.  

What is the tiebreaker for two collectors on a Locking Leaderboard with the same score? 

The first collector to achieve that position holds the tiebreaker. 

When is the first WNBA Pack Drop, and will there be new Challenges, Leaderboards, or Set Rewards? 

  • The first WNBA Pack Drop(s) will feature Moments from our Base Set and Rare Metallic Gold LE collection, including the debuts of top rookies. 
  • The Pack Drop(s) will take place around the WNBA All-Star Game in mid-July.
  • A portion of the Packs will be sold directly via convenient Drops, with up to 20% of these Packs available to earn via Challenges or Leaderboards. 
  • July will also see the next wave of WNBA Fandom Moments in the 2023 Rise With Us Set from a Pop-Up Leaderboard featuring collectibles from the WNBA All-Star Game.

  • The WNBA Top Shot Team is working on fulfilling the Legendary WNBA Team Leaderboard Rewards. This Snapshot has not been taken yet. 

Series 4 has seen the introduction of Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant Anthology Sets. Will these be completed before the start of Series 5? 

Anthology Sets are designed to remain open across seasons and Series, so they do not need to be completed before the start of Series 5. 

Does the Locker Room still exist? Are the Moments being traded in burned right now?

Yes, the Locker Room still exists. Together we recently burned nearly 3,800,000 Moments from it, and are in the process of destroying or distributing the remaining supply within it. 

During Burn Leaderboards, collectors trade Moments into the Locker Room, where they are instantly burned

On the NBA Draft Rookie Leaderboard, I noticed that the Top Shot Score of some burned Moments went up over time. Can you explain why that happened?

Top Shot Score (TSS) auto-updates daily (around 8 AM ET) based on the Average Sales Price (ASP) of a Moment. If the ASP increases, the TSS of a Moment will also increase.

The TSS of a burned Moment applied to a Leaderboard can increase if the ASP increases during the time of the Leaderboard being active, which has been true in previous Burn Leaderboards as well.

Similarly, the TSS of any Locked Moment on a Leaderboard would increase if the ASP increases based on these daily auto-updates.

This is by design, as to not penalize a collector for burning a Moment early in the timeline of a Leaderboard.

Thank you for reading the June 2023 Mailbag! 

Editor's Note: the blog has been updated to clarify there will be historical Moments across multiple tiers and the timeline for when those Moments may be released later this summer.