After 26,764 regular season points and counting, no matter the moniker you use for Kevin Durant, one thing is universally true: you don’t want to be defending him on a basketball court.

As one of the most prolific and gifted scorers in NBA history, Durant’s skillset and range are limitless. On NBA Top Shot, the best highlights of Kevin Durant’s career can be owned by his fans as limited edition and officially licensed NBA collectibles called Moments.  

Whether he’s driving to the rack, slicing through the paint, pulling up for a patented midrange jumper, or draining a deep three with ease, Durant is capable of Video Game Numbers whenever he laces ‘em up — and collecting his favorite Moments on Top Shot from around the NBA when he’s not making them himself.

From Seattle to Oklahoma City to The Bay to Brooklyn, and now, Phoenix, Durant's journey towards the Hall of Fame is the stuff of legend, including the honors of 2007-08 Rookie of the Year, 2013-14 MVP, 4X Scoring Champion, 10X All-NBA, 13X All-Star, and 2X NBA Champion and Finals MVP. 

Here’s a look at the signature plays and Moments over the years that capture everything that makes him such a special part of the NBA story. Which will you collect and own?

The OKC MVP Game-Winner: March 3, 2014

In a double-overtime duel against the Toronto Raptors, Kevin Durant scored 51 points, including the game-winning three-pointer, during this 2013-14 MVP campaign. The Moment belongs to Top Shot’s Run It Back collection from Series 1, and is Durant’s very first collectible on the platform — known as his Top Shot Debut. Rare and coveted, it’s become a grail collectible for fans of Kevin Durant and NBA collectors around the world.

Welcome To Brooklyn: December 23, 2020 

After a successful stint in Golden State, Durant made his move to the East Coast and Eastern Conference, settling in with the Brooklyn Nets — and it’s fitting that in his very first game as a Net, he went head-to-head against his former squad from The Bay. 

In this Base Set Moment from Series 2, Kevin Durant scores the very first points of his Brooklyn Nets career, a smooth three-pointer from the top of the arc that slices through the net like a knife through warm butter. 

These three points were part of 22 in a 125-99 victory against the former NBA champions.

Basketball Poetry In Motion: May 16, 2021

Cruising towards a 123-109 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a season-long display of dominance that would amount to 48 wins and the second-best record in the Eastern Conference, Kevin Durant put an exclamation point on one of the most beautiful displays of teamwork of his entire Brooklyn Nets tenure. 

Mike James’ scrappy steal leads to Blake Griffin’s no-look Pass to Kyrie Irving, who passes the ball like a hot potato to a streaking James, who throws it off the backboard to the trailing Durant, who slams it home with authority. 

Watch it on repeat until you get bored. You might be watching for a long time. As a member of Top Shot’s Metallic Gold LE Set, it’s become one of the most beloved Moments on the platform. 

The “What If?” OT Thriller: June 20, 2021 

“A game of inches” isn’t usually reserved for the NBA, but in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks, the smallest possible margin of measurement proved to be the difference between 48 points in a loss and 49 points in a victory. 

In a shot that will echo through NBA history as a sliding doors Moment for decades to come, KD turned a cross-court inbound pass with seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter into an iconic and unforgettable fadeaway jumper. 

With his foot on the line, his clutch gene activated, and nothing left in the tank, KD shot the longest possible two-pointer you can take before it counts as three — and as everyone in Brooklyn and across the NBA watched what could’ve been a game-winner hit nothing but net — it took a split second for everyone to realize that the shot forced overtime, not a series-ending victory. The rest is history.

Game Recognize Game: November 8, 2021

KD knows all about making history, and during the 2021-22 NBA season, he added another achievement to the list. Game Recognize Game is the first-ever collection on Top Shot to be entirely curated by an NBA player. KD picked some of his favorite players around the NBA, selected highlights that capture their greatness, worked with us to make them into Moments, and narrated each of them.

An ultra-unique and highly accessible collectible for KD’s biggest fans, this Moment is a Kevin Durant highlight hand-picked by KD himself, showcasing one of his favorite aspects of his game and one of his favorite spots on the court — the baseline jumper.

The Battle of New York: March 13, 2022

Talk to any Knicks fan and they’ll probably bring up the time Kevin Durant almost signed there, a decision that adds extra fuel to the Knicks vs. Nets rivalry whenever the teams face off in New York City. 

In this Legendary 53-point performance during a 110-107 victory against the Knicks, KD gets the ball beyond the arc and glides toward the rim with beauty and brute force, using one dribble to propel his body over Mitchell Robinson and above the rim. 

This Holo Icon Moment falls in Top Shot’s Legendary tier of collectibles and is one of the most limited edition Kevin Durant Moments to exist. To celebrate it’s greatness, ESPN’s Doris Burke lends her narration to the Moment. 

KD’s Favorites: Celebrating NBA Greatness

In Game Recognize Game, KD recognized Anthony Edwards, Steph Curry, Donovan Mitchell, Nikola Jokic, Devin Booker, and Ja Morant as six of his favorite players in the NBA. With each of these Moments, he picked plays that highlight their skillset and greatness and lent his voice to narrate why he finds them so special. You can shop for each of these Moments today and add them to your Top Shot collection — because Kevin Durant has them in his

Here are some of our favorite Moments from the players who made KD’s Game Recognize Game list. 

The Anthony Edwards Rising Stars Dunk is a classic collectible from his Rookie season that was instantly recognized as the Dunk of the Year, and will become a staple of the young star’s highlight reel as he continues to develop his game. Get yours here.

The Steph Curry Metallic Silver Three-Pointer captures one of the most iconic buckets in NBA history — a deep-three in MSG that saw Steph set the NBA’s all-time three-point record in front of friends, family, fans, and his peers. On NBA Top Shot, you can own the 2,974th three of Steph’s career. NBA history. 

The Donovan Mitchell Fresh Threads Cavaliers Debut captures Mitchell’s first game as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers — starting a new chapter in a prolific and exciting young career with 31 points and 9 assists. 

The Nikola Jokic MVP Magic has been on display for 2+ years now, and every Moment during his MVP campaigns carries a badge that signifies this incredible achievement and recognition. No Moment is more reflective of his special skills than this Legendary pass that led to a game-winning bucket, impossible to believe until you see it for yourself. 

The Devin Booker Origin Story started in August 2020, when the Phoenix Suns took the NBA Bubble by storm by going 8-0 to end the season. No bucket is more iconic than this beautiful clutch turnaround game-winner against the LA Clippers on August 4, 2020, a sign of things to come as the Suns would become one of the most dominant forces in the Western Conference — and Kevin Durant’s eventual home

The Ja Morant Dunk Factory is filled with jaw-dropping highlights that defy gravity, and few are most thrilling than the “Ja Breaker” dunk from the 2022 NBA Playoffs against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Already considered one of the best dunks in Playoffs history, this iconic Moment is a collectible that captures the greatness that happens when everything is on the line. 

NBA history lives on Top Shot. Start your collection today.