It’s finally here. Our most epic pack drop to date. It’s time to Lace ‘Em Up!

Featuring an assortment of legendary Moments from bonafide superstars, up-and-coming blue-chippers, and even an MVP, this pack is guaranteed to add some gems to your collection.


Your NBA Top Shot collection wouldn’t be complete without this dazzling, limited-edition set. You can think of Lace ‘Em Up as the bookend to cap off all Legendary Moments for Series 1. This will be a closed set of 30 Moments, featuring some of the most jaw-dropping highlights of the season, including Legendary editions of masterful handles from Zion Williamson and Trae Young, a euro-step to layup from Joel Embiid, and an edge-of-your-seat game-winner from Damian Lillard on a career-high night – only the best plays available are in Lace ‘Em Up. 

As if the legendary Moment wasn’t enough, each pack will also include a rare MVP Moves Moment (each numbered to 499) from the reigning two-time NBA MVP Giannis Antetokuompo. That’s right: each Lace ‘Em Up pack will include a rare Moment from The Greek Freak. No strings attached, we promise. 

Wait, there’s even more. Each pack will also include two rare Metallic Gold LE Moments. What did we tell you… this pack is a MONSTER. 

Keep in mind that there’s a limited number of these top-tier packs available, and once they're gone, they're gone, so collect all these Moments before the competition does. We expect an increased demand, so we’re planning on releasing the Lace ‘Em Up packs across two drops. The first drop will come on Thursday, November 19th, and the second is expected to drop on Monday, November 30th. 

Only 75 of each of these legendary Lace ‘Em Up Moments will ever be minted. Some of the highlights include:

  • Rookie phenom Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans spins off of his defender and flushes it home for an easy two. 
  • All-Star Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers comes through with a nifty eurostep and layup against the Brooklyn Nets. 
  • Portland Trail Blazers point guard and king of the Pacific Northwest, Damian Lillard, crosses up his defender and splashes a long-range trey to cap off a career-high 61 point night against the Golden State Warriors.

Also, watch for Lace ‘Em Up Challenges in the future where you could earn exclusive Lace 'Em Up rewards such as Jayson Tatum banking in a half-court heave against the Sixers in the playoffs. 


  • Pack cost: $230
  • Total packs available Thursday: 1,000
  • Number-capped Moments: Only 75 of each Lace ‘Em Up in total
  • Drops: November 19, 12:00 PM PST 


  •  1x legendary Lace ‘Em Up Moment
  •  1x rare MVP Moves Moment
  •  2x rare Metallic Gold LE Moments 
  •  6x Base Set Moments

As always, if there's a particular Moment you need to complete your set, you can hit the Marketplace to see what your fellow collectors are offering up. There's always a value play to make over there.


We have both a legendary and a common challenge that are both moving in full swing. 

‍If you’re looking to add a superstar Moment to your collection, look no further than the Holo MMXX Challenge 3. Only 9 Moments are needed by Monday, November 23rd to score a legendary never-to-be-sold-in-packs Damian Lillard ferocious rack attack

If you’re looking for something more affordable, we also have the Got Game Challenge 3 to participate in. Collect the five common Got Game Moments associated with Challenge 3 to score a legendary never-to-be-sold-in-packs Malcolm Brogdon beautiful dime to a cutting teammate.

To complete an NBA Top Shot challenge, you must collect each of the required Moments, hold on to them until the timer runs out, and then we’ll send you an exclusive reward. 

Big shoutouts to Juy12218 and Libruary for securing serial numbers 1 and 23, respectively from the LeBron James Holo MMXX Challenge.

Looking for other ways to get your friends in the game? $2K Ja Morant Cosmic a little too rich for your appetite? How about a $1 Moment to get a taste for the glory of owning a piece of NBA history? Your fellow collectors have you covered in the Marketplace. Sort by player, team, set, and also price to find the right pieces to add to your collection.

Need an assist? Hit up Andres and his crew will get you sorted.