What if the NBA made it possible to collect and own your favorite highlights from NBA history?

Since 2020, NBA Top Shot has worked with the NBA and NBPA to offer basketball fans and collectors exclusive digital collectibles that celebrate the game’s best highlights. 

The process of creating limited edition and authentic digital collectibles — each a video highlight that is edited, produced, and officially licensed with our partners at the NBA — uses new technology that makes it easy and safe to instantly buy, sell, and trade these collectibles with anyone in the world.

Like the intersection of a trading card and a viral top play, Top Shot Moments are yours to own, cherish, and collect — staying in mint condition status forever and accessible via our App and website 24/7/365. Start your collection today with a free account.

In addition to being a limited edition and mint condition NBA collectible, the complete history of every Top Shot Moment is public information, making it easy to know who owns what, what they bought it for, and how much of the overall supply is available – all neatly displayed on our website to make collecting your favorite players and teams in the NBA as easy as possible. 

As a fan who is newly discovering Top Shot, you can collect Moments from your favorite players and teams in a few different ways: 

  • Pack Drops, like our upcoming release of Larry Bird’s Anthology, introduce new Moments to collectors in limited quantities. When you create your account, exclusive Packs are available to you as a new member of our collector community, featuring rookie and star Moments from the 2022-23 NBA season. Download the App today to open your first Pack.

  • The Marketplace is where collectors worldwide can list Moments for sale and buy Moments from other collectors. You can easily search by Player, Team, Set, and other categories, to find your next Moment, then purchase it instantly at the price it’s listed for sale – or make an offer to the owner. When you start your collection, the Marketplace is also where you can sell your Moments. When you buy or sell a Moment, you instantly receive the Moment you bought or the money earned from the Moment you sold. Visit the Marketplace today to see our collection of 1980s NBA stars.

  • Challenges and Leaderboards are limited-time events that offer collectors the opportunity to use existing Moments in their collection to unlock exclusive, limited-edition Moments and other Rewards. Our Larry Bird Leaderboards, live during the Drop, let collectors use other Moments from similarly great players to win autographed Larry Bird Jerseys and Balls, along with Packs from this Drop.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy this new NBA collecting experience. Start your collection today.