After two weeks of resounding demand, seeing more than 41,000 orders for just 12,000 Packs, we’re back with a last call for Rookie Debut Packs for the 2023-24 season. 

This will be the last dedicated Rookie Debut drop where you will have the opportunity to pull Rookie Debuts from Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and the Thompson Twins.

When these upcoming drops conclude, more than 91% of these phenoms’ Rookie Debut Moments will have been distributed, allowing collectors to buy and sell these Moments in the Marketplace with confidence.

The remainder of these Rookie Debut Moments will be distributed as inserts in premium drops, and as inserts in premium Leaderboard/Set Reward Packs.

Welcome to Rookie Debut: Last Call 

This week, each pack offers five precocious neophytes, featuring newcomers to the NBA Top Shot scene including the ever-impressive seventh-overall pick Bilal Coulibaly and Orlando’s sixth-overall pick Anthony Black.  

Just like last week, each Rookie Debut: Last Call pack will include five – yes, five – guaranteed Rookie Debut Moments from the 2023-24 rookie class, including two guaranteed lottery (top-14) picks in each Pack.

Reserve yours now!

Rookie Debut: Last Call Pack Stats

  • $69 per Pack
  • 5 Rookie Debut Moments per Pack
  • A 50% chance of a top-five pick in each Pack 
  • 2 guaranteed lottery picks (See Full List)* in each Pack
  • 8.33% chance of pulling a Victor Wembanyama Moment in each Pack
  • 8.33% chance of pulling a Chet Holmgren Moment in each Pack

Rookie Debut: Last Call Pre-Order Info

  • 6,000 Packs available
  • Pre-order opens at 4 PM ET on Thursday, November 16 and closes at 1 PM ET on Tuesday, November 21
  • Available to all collectors
  • Depending on demand, we cannot guarantee all pre-orders will be fulfilled

Rookie Debut: Last Call Drop Info:

  • Packs on Web: 546
  • Waiting Room on Web: 2 PM ET, Tuesday, November 21 
  • Queue Randomizes on Web: 3 PM ET, Tuesday, November 21
  • Packs on App: 546 
  • Packs available on App: 3 PM ET, Tuesday, November 21

*Lottery Picks on Top Shot 

Two of the following players are guaranteed to be in every Rookie Debut: Last Call Pack:

Victor Wembanyama (No. 1), Brandon Miller (No. 2), Chet Holmgren (No. 2 in 2022), Scoot Henderson (No. 3), Amen Thompson (No. 4), Ausar Thompson (No. 5), Anthony Black (No. 6), Bilal Coulibaly (No. 7) Jarace Walker (No. 8), Cason Wallace (No. 10), Jett Howard (No. 11) Dereck Lively II (No. 12), Gradey Dick (No. 13), Jordan Hawkins (No. 14). 

Rookies in the Drop 

Beyond the obvious star rookies and the others who made their introduction to NBA Top Shot last week, we have an impressive class of 11 more rookies who are making their debuts in this drop:

  • Anthony Black of the Orlando Magic hitting a tough and-one in his first NBA game.
  • Bilal Coulibaly – the upstart swiss-army knife for the Washington Wizards – showing off his elite defensive versatility with an emphatic block in his debut game. 
  • Cam Whitmore of the Houston Rockets creating a transition opportunity out of nothing for his first career bucket. 
  • Jett Howard of the Orlando Magic notching an assist in his first career game.
  • Brandin Podziemski – the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter – displaying the handle and craftsmanship en route to his first career basket.
  • Sasha Vezenkov – the former Euroleague MVP – hitting a deep three-pointer in his first career game for the Sacramento Kings.
  • Toumani Camara – the defensive menace – showing off his touch on the offensive end hitting a smooth three in transition for the Portland Trail Blazers to notch his first points in the NBA. 
  • Nick Smith Jr. in his bag spinning to create space en route to his first career bucket for the Charlotte Hornets.
  • Julian Strawther getting the friendly roll for his first career score for the Denver Nuggets.
  • Andre Jackson Jr. displaying his coveted athleticism for the Milwaukee Bucks as he records his first career steal and assist in one fell swoop 
  • Vasilje Micic showing the range that made him such a feared scorer in Europe for years in his first career game for the Oklahoma City Thunder 

Rookie Debut: Last Rip

Collectors looking for other ways to snag a Pack can try their luck with a Rookie Debut: Last Rip featuring new Base Set Moments from the 2023-24 campaign and a 25% chance of landing one of the Rookie Debut Moments featured in the Rookie Debut: Last Call Packs, including the top-5 picks.

Pack Stats

  • Pack price: $8
  • 5 Moments
  • 25% chance of 1 Rookie Debut Moment & 4 Base Set Moments from 2023-24
  • 75% chance of 5 Base Set Moments from 2023-24
  • 18,000 Packs available on web
  • 6,550 Packs available on mobile 

Lock Rookies, Get Rookies

As a way to reward rookie collectors, we’re offering a special perk to those who lock all 13 Rookie Debuts that arrived on NBA Top Shot last week with a single Moment Rookie Pack featuring a player debuting this week.

Simply lock the following players by November 21 at 1 PM ET to earn your Rookie Debut.

The Players: Dereck Lively II, Keyonte George, Marcus Sasser, Jordan Hawkins, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Gradey Dick, Jarace Walker, Trayce Jackson-Davis, Kobe Brown, Cason Wallace, Colby Jones, Jalen Pickett, Mouhamed Gueye.

Rookie Debut Distribution

Upon the conclusion of drops on Nov. 21, here is the percent breakdown of the lottery picks and how many will be in the hands of our collectors; either in their collections or sealed in Packs they own:

Unreleased Rookie Debuts

There will be more Rookie Debut Moments added to the set through the course of the season as more players deliver their first highlight in the league. These Moments will be distributed the same as the remaining Moments of partially distributed editions, as inserts in:

1. Rare and Legendary Pack Drops

2. Rare and Legendary Pack Leaderboard Prizing

3. Rare and Legendary Pack Locked Set Rewards

Team Leaderboard Weighted Airdrop

The following Team Leaderboards are in for a treat, as five Moments from the following players will be airdropped on a weighted basis to collectors with Moments locked from that team. Following feedback from the community, we have weighted these Leaderboards further, with 80% of these Moments being reserved for collectors in the top 1,000 of their favorite team’s Leaderboards, and 20% being available to collectors anywhere on the Leaderboard. 

Orlando Magic for Anthony Black: 

  • Scottyj111 23rd
  • lightning4 160th
  • BennyMac 276nd
  • RRX69 453rd
  • brief_spinach2117 870th

Washington Wizards for Bilal Coulibaly:

  • Mattw08 237th
  • maytheforceebewithyou 372nd
  • dtewness 584th
  • DancingBarrow 791st
  • Benjie14 862nd

Houston Rockets for Cam Whitmore:

  • alxo 2nd
  • Werekitty 68th
  • self_assured_sea_horse4973 83rd
  • The_Elk 213th
  • Jason3555 291st

Orlando Magic for Jett Howard:

  • alxo 2nd
  • SomethingBalla 8th
  • steve 9th
  • TooRusty 127th
  • Biyombo8 166th

Golden State Warriors for Brandin Podziemski:

  • damochaprince 5th
  • wongdustin 164th
  • jufri 201st
  • dannymac290 365th
  • FloridaGators 631st

Sacramento Kings for Sasha Vezenkov: 

  • teerex81 251st
  • RockyTopNFT 444th
  • MrsGreekFreak 553rd
  • RyanNAlexander 567th
  • kellyawest23 747th

Portland Trail Blazers for Toumani Camara:

  • Libruary 8th
  • ticketsftw248 141st
  • Libb23 216th
  • sfrancko 226th
  • to_the_moon_ 407th

Charlotte Hornets for Nick Smith Jr.

  • cbthrasher 81st
  • kidduke10 238th
  • JohnnyPaycheck 315th
  • magic_air_jordan 435th
  • Eledj11 1057th

Denver Nuggets for Julian Strawther

  • dingaling 3rd
  • Dotti 21st
  • gk43 31st
  • dubsDK 67th
  • ornate_french_bulldog 1593rd

Milwaukee Bucks for Andre Jackson: 

  • MrT 40th
  • miguelaguas 420th
  • wansomdis 469th
  • stonecrew2 548th
  • Greencatsup 3172nd

Oklahoma City Thunder for Vasilje Micic: 

  • slpyhed 39th
  • ApproachesInfinity 145th
  • rightontrack 198th
  • vexter 235th
  • Jas13 502nd

Set Rewards

Collectors who locked a Rookie Debut Set from Series 4 earlier this month will receive a Pack featuring a guaranteed Lottery Pick. These Packs will be distributed on Nov. 21, 2023.