On August 16, 2023, NBA Top Shot introduced a new type of Leaderboard that only removed the Moments of collectors who won a prize — creating a different dynamic that ensures if you don't win a prize, you will keep your Moments.

As Top Shot navigates NBA history and releases historical Moments celebrating some of the most significant plays of the last decade, Leaderboards have given collectors the opportunity to earn some of these Moments for their collections by utilizing their current collection.

For every Pack Drop and introduction of a new Moment to Top Shot since August 16, collectors have had a way to earn a portion of the supply of those Moments via Leaderboards — not just Pack Drops.

As we plan for our final two Run It Back: Origins 2014-19 Pack Drops and final two Archive Set 2014-19 Pack Drops, you can expect to see similar Leaderboards used to distribute some of the Moments and Packs from each Drop! 

In this edition of The Leaderboard Report, we'll detail the outcome of Leaderboards since August 16. 

Overall, between August 16 and October 3, these Leaderboards have resulted in: 

  • 8,366 Common Moments worth 4,065,816 Top Shot Score being utilized
  • 355 Fandom Moments worth 174,145 Top Shot Score being utilized
  • 1,543 Rare Moments worth 9,458,519 Top Shot Score being utilized
  • 71 Legendary Moments worth 3,591,265 Top Shot Score being utilized

You can find a comprehensive list of every Moment utilized along with the Leaderboard here

If you'd like to download this data to conduct your own analysis, you can do so using this Google Sheet.