• Starting Friday, Top Shot collectors have the ability to move their Legendary Moments to other third-party wallets on Flow.
  • This is the first step in enabling non-custodial options to all NBA Top Shot Moment™ Collectibles, starting with Legendary NBA Top Shot Moments. More information on Rare, Common, and Fandom Tier Moments coming at a later date

When we launched NBA Top Shot on Flow, we dreamed of a day when collectors would be able to hold their Top Shot Moment™ Collectibles in the same wallet as the other incredible NFT projects built, and being built, on Flow.

Today, we’re excited to announce we’re taking a big step in that direction.

Starting Friday night -- after the Run It Back drop has ended -- your Legendary tier Top Shot Moments can be sent to third-party wallets. This is phase one in a series of moves that will help us deliver on our promise of decentralizing ownership for all things Flow, with Rare, Fandom, and Common still to come.

When you send your Moments to a non-custodial wallet, you will be able to move your Moments to approved marketplace partners, starting with BloctoBay and VIV3, with Versus soon to come.

Sending Legendary Moments to Other Wallets

The process to send your Legendary Moments is easy.

Step 1: Open Dapper by selecting your username in the top right corner of your Top Shot page and then selecting “MY DAPPER WALLET”

Step 2: Click “NFT Inventory” in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen 

Step 3: Select the Moment you would like to send. 

Note: While only Legendary Moments can be sent at this time, you will see all of the Moments in your collection displayed in your NFT Inventory. 

Step 4: Once you select the Moment you would like to send, you will be greeted with a pop-up that asks you to “Connect Wallet”.

STEP 5: From the “Connect Wallet” screen, confirm where you want to send your Moment. You will be prompted to log into your Blocto wallet to complete the connection between Dapper and your third-party wallet. 

Step 6: Once your wallet is connected, click “Send NFT” on the next screen. 

Step 7: Once you select your Moment and your wallet, you will be asked to confirm the transaction. Please review all of the information to make sure it accurately reflects your intended transaction. 

Note: If this is your first time sending a Moment to your Blocto wallet, you’ll be required to complete a one-time initialization for that newly-connected wallet. 

There is also a one-time, 24-hour review period before the first NFT can be sent to your newly connected wallet. This one-time review is a security measure put in place to ensure that you are sending your Moment to the correct wallet.

For more information on this click here>>

The initialization process and 24-hour review period are both one-time events, per connected wallet. 

After your first Moment is successfully sent, subsequent Moment transfers to the same wallet will be sent without any delay.

Step 8: When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification confirming that your Moment was successfully sent.

Step 9: If you’d like to send a Legendary Moment back to Dapper and NBA Top Shot, click “Flow address” at the top of your NFT Inventory screen in Dapper to show your Flow address.  Once you click that link, you can copy your Flow address from the Receiving NFTs screen, pictured below.

Within Blocto, you can send a Moment to this Flow address to return it to your Dapper wallet.

Once a Moment has been removed from a Dapper Wallet, here is how it will appear on

Flow Ecosystem Partners


BloctoBay: Discover the next gem with Flow’s new NFT marketplace, offering services like buying, selling, and discovering all NFTs supported by the Flow network.

Versus: Versus is a novel art marketplace with a unique auction system that allows artists to receive fair value for their work, while also remaining accessible to a wide variety of collectors.

VIV3: Boost your digital asset collection with Flow's first global peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. The VIV3 vision is to empower a billion people to create, trade, and own the world's most valuable digital assets.


Question: Why am I seeing that an identity check is required?

Answer: Similar to withdrawing any funds from Dapper, you will need to have passed the identity check to send your Top Shot Moments to your connected wallet. For more information on the identity check, click here.

Question: Will moving my Moments to a non-custodial wallet affect my Top Shot Collector Score?

Answer: Yes. Any Moments moved to another wallet will subtract that Moment and the corresponding Collector Score points awarded to its Top Shot account. Please keep in mind that you may lose completed sets, which could result in a further loss of Collector Score which includes Drop Bonuses. You may always send your Moments back to Dapper to increase your Collector Score.

Question: Why only Legendary Moments?

Answer: This is just the start. The ability to send all your Top Shot Moments, including Rare, Fandom and Common Moments, to Blocto and Ledger wallets is in the works. There is no timeline on this, but we will provide updates when it happens. 

Question: Why is my Moment showing as pending in Dapper but not in my other wallet?

Answer: The first time you send a Moment from Dapper to Blocto or Ledger it will be on hold for 24 hours. This is a security measure to ensure the true owner has made the requested transaction. After your first Moment is successfully sent, subsequent Moment sent to the same wallet will be transferred without any delay.

Question: Am I able to send my Moments back to Top Shot once I send them to my wallet?

Answer: Yes! Check out Step 9 above for how to do it.

Question: What are the requirements to send a legendary Moment?

Answer: You must have completed an identity check, you must currently own 10 Moments, and you must have held the legendary Moment you wish to send for a minimum of seven days.