“Can I have your autograph?” 

It’s one of the first questions that comes to mind when fans and collectors meet their favorite athletes face-to-face. A simple signature can make a memory last a lifetime, and for an NBA Top Shot event already full of firsts, we have one more surprise in store for The Anthology: Magic Johnson pack drop on June 7. Join the drop!

Magic Johnson’s 1980 Legendary Moment from Game 6 — his Top Shot Debut in a championship season from his rookie year — will also be the first autographed Moment on NBA Top Shot. 

Here’s a look behind the curtain into the design, creative process and on-chain components of recreating the sensation and collectibility of an authentic autograph on the blockchain.

Capturing The Magic 

On Friday, June 3, 2022, members of the NBA Top Shot team were in Los Angeles to meet with Magic Johnson and watch him sign his Moment. 

The complete motion and movement of his physical autograph were captured, allowing us to animate it onto the collectible just as if you were seeing him do it live. 

Here’s a look: 

From Physical To Digital

Autographs need to be permanent, so naturally, they’re a fitting element for an NFT. 

For this first historic autographed Top Shot Moment, we're adding the signature to the Moment itself, as well as adding in all the provenance to the metadata of the Moment that will forever live on the blockchain. 

Who signed it and when they signed it will be documented and tied to the NFT. 

The autograph, motion and video of Magic signing will be viewable across the Moment Detail page and renders.

We’re representing this as a Printed Autograph, meaning we are capturing an autograph from Magic and applying it to all 80 of these Legendary Moments. 

This data and provenance are captured on-chain in the Play metadata where we mark the Printed “type” of autograph, when the signature happened and that Magic was the signer.

What’s Next 

The Anthology: Magic Johnson is special. It’s the first drop dedicated to one player’s incredible career and achievements, with packs containing only one Moment and a new “Anthology” format that spans two levels of scarcity — Rare and Legendary. 

These Moments are from the oldest highlights to be minted as NFTs on NBA Top Shot. 

Each has a new style of player-specific art, and now, for the first time ever, 80 collectors will own an NBA Top Shot Moment NFT that also carries the on-chain autograph of a player — in this historic instance, Magic Johnson.  

This is an exciting first step into autographed Moments and NFTs. 

Join us on June 7 for The Anthology: Magic Johnson pack drop and see what kind of magic you can muster when you join the Queue.