February came and went in a flash, and we’re now heading into the home stretch of the NBA regular season, with exciting milestones and marquee matchups happening nightly across the league.

As we look back on the first two months of 2024, we carry a lot of momentum and excitement as to what’s ahead. Let’s take a moment to reflect and answer some questions:

What is your team’s plan to ensure Rare and Legendary Moments remain balanced with existing demand? Are the Burn Leaderboards and locking set challenges actually having an impact?

Since the start of the season, for every Legendary Moment introduced into circulation (1,817), we’ve seen 2x that number removed from active circulation across burning and locking (3,683). In the Rare tier, we’ve seen nearly 15k more Moments removed from active circulation than introduced as well.

For us, it’s arguably more important to follow what’s getting taken out of circulation by our collectors in the higher tiers. We continue to actively monitor this.

Growth is obviously something we’re all hoping for. How do you guys feel you’re doing on this front?

It all starts with having a cohesive product experience. Adding Team Packs to our repertoire has been helpful in attracting new collectors. New and improved low-risk offerings at $2 for a first rip will also help. Arguably and most importantly, we’ve recently added upgrades like “guest checkout” which allow new collectors to order their first pack without even having to create a Dapper account.

In the last 90 days, we’ve seen 22,279 unique collectors make a purchase on Top Shot with more than half of those collectors making a purchase in the last 30 days alone.

As we look for immediate improvement opportunities, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of unique collectors coming back to check on Top Shot month over month. In the last 30 days, for example, 49,088 have logged into Top Shot. We’re going to continue to explore new ways to bring back collectors who’ve been less active.

I had a random question: on certain Moments, it says a certain number are still in packs. However, when I look at all the serials, the little pack image shows only some of those serials are in packs and others show that they’re simply “minted.” Are those that are “minted” in packs as well?

Thank you for flagging this. As of today, all of these cases should be resolved and updated in product.

When will we see more Top Shot Score burn Leaderboards for upcoming Moments?

For Rookie Revelation, there’ll be certain Leaderboards that use Top Shot Score as a criteria. We will continue to tinker with burn Leaderboards to optimize for giving the best collectibles the most utility, while allowing the community to operate best as well.

Hey guys, really appreciate the improvements this season. One favor to ask: can we please have the ability to lock Favorite Team?

Making it impossible for collectors to change their favorite team for extended periods of time is on our short list of priorities before the end of the season. If you’ve been hopping around on your favorite team, we recommend committing to a team in the very near term.

I’ve noticed some scams in the space in recent weeks and it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s spam, do you have any recommendations for us collectors to stay safe?

We saw two major sports personalities hacked in recent weeks trying to target unsuspecting Top Shot collectors. As a general rule of thumb, if you see a sports personality posting links out about Top Shot, please check the main NBA Top Shot account to see if it’s been retweeted or endorsed. We will do our best to reply or put out an alert when we believe an account has been compromised as quickly as possible. We’re happy to report that no Top Shot accounts were compromised through these schemes.

To protect each other, please do not amplify these posts when they happen. If you engage with any disingenuous posts, please change your account password and ensure you have multi-factor authentication set up here.

If you have any questions that you would like to see in the next NBA Top Shot mailbag, please send them to via email mailbag@nbatopshot.com.