UPDATE [3/9/21]: The current limits on purchasing and listing in the Marketplace will be adjusted dynamically as our team monitors performance.

UPDATE [3/15/21]: Gifting rules have been updated as a measure to maintain an even playing field for our collectors and combat bot accounts:

  • Collectors will need to own a Moment for 7 days before being able to gift the Moment (this includes any Moment from a pack opening, the Marketplace, a gift from someone else, or any other instance you'd receive a Moment.)
  • If a collector lists or delists their Moment, their 7-day timer for gifting resets.
  • These rules will only be applicable moving forward - not retroactively. This means that collectors will be able to gift Moments they received yesterday or today, for instance, before these rules went into effect. Moments acquired after 7 PM PST on March 15th will have the 7-day timer imposed.

To ensure a smoother experience for everyone while we work to scale our infrastructure to meet the unprecedented demand and combat bots, we'll be rolling out some temporary limitations.

For a short period after the Marketplace returns, the only action collectors will be able to take is delisting. This will give community members the opportunity to remove Moments from the Marketplace that they no longer wish to sell. We’ll roll this out gradually to all collectors within a short window- it will not be immediately available to everyone.

After this temporary delisting period, we’ll open up the Marketplace to our collectors gradually, on a randomized basis. This staged rollout process will take up to two hours before all collectors have access. Due to the anticipated demand, every collector will be limited in their actions until activity levels out. These limits include: 

  • Collectors will only be able to purchase one Moment from the Marketplace for a defined period of time. The typical limit is one purchase every 5-120 Minutes. Each collector can attempt to purchase as many Moments as they’d like, but after each successful purchase, they need to wait before their next purchase. This will ensure everyone has a fair chance to try to purchase a Moment without worry of competing with bots or schemers.

  • Collectors will only be able to create a new “for sale” listing of one Moment from their collection for a defined period of time. The typical limit is one listing every 5-120 minutes. Upon listing a Moment, there will be a delay before they can list another Moment for sale. This will help our servers handle the anticipated  demand as we re-open. Purchasing a Moment does not affect your listing cooldown timer, and listing a Moment does not affect your purchasing cooldown timer.

  • Collectors will only be able to delist one Moment from their collection every 5-10 minutes once sales are open. Everyone will have a window of time before sales commence to delist anything they would like without this rate limit.

We expect to scale down these limits over time as we improve our infrastructure, but wanted to make sure collectors had access to the Marketplace as quickly as possible. Site signups and gifting will be turned off temporarily and will return at a later date. Please remember that if you attempt to subvert our one account per collector mandate, you’ll risk harsh penalties.