With time running down in the With the Strip Challenge (don’t sleep on that Ja Morant special edition reward), we’re letting another Challenge fly. 

Now you can complete the Metallic Gold Challenge to snag a rare Metallic Gold Kyrie Irving Moment showing off his hesitation handles and isn’t it sparkly? A maximum of 299 of these will ever exist. 

How to do it

Complete the Challenge with the following Metallic Gold Limited Edition moments: 

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Premium Packs containing these Moments are still available in Drops if you want to roll the dice (and pick up some great Base Set Moments along the way). Plus, the other Metallic Gold LE Moments in these packs could also feature in future Challenges.

Submission deadline

We'll check to determine who qualifies for the reward at 10 AM PT, August 28, 2020 so get started now to complete that Challenge. 

Kyrie Irving is a boss

This reward is legit. Why? Cuz Kyrie’s handles are baller. 

Kyrie cut his teeth with the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning Rookie of the Year in the 2011-12 season after being first overall draft pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. His skills are top notch and this 6-time NBA All Star, now balling for the Brooklyn Nets, is cheering on his team in the bubble. His stock, and the Nets complete with teammates Kevin Durant and Spencer Dinwiddie, is rising.

Other pertinent information

  • Challenge rewards will be distributed at random, so any collector with a complete Set will have a chance to receive serial #1
  • Having multiple complete sets on the same account won't result in multiple rewards for that account
  • In the event that fewer than 150 rewards are earned, we will mint up to 150 of the Moment before retiring it forever (if, for example 200 are earned, we'll mint and distribute 200)
  • A maximum of 299 challenge rewards are possible