Mic Drop Day: Round One

Doris Burke’s Hall of Fame career has given her the opportunity to be part of some of the most special stories in recent basketball history. She’ll be the voice of the 2022 NBA Finals on ESPN Radio, and her presence in the NBA Playoffs is a staple. This year, she’s the Voice of the Playoffs on NBA Top Shot too. Here’s what that means for your NFT collection. 

Every round of the NBA Playoffs, Doris Burke will be dropping her signature style of color commentary onto hand-picked Top Shot Moments. Monday, May 16 marks the first Mic Drop Day, with the broadcasting legend bringing eight of her favorite first round stories to life. 

Each of the Moments spotlighted below now features her commentary, which you can find in the Marketplace and add to your collection today. To earn a Round One and Round Two 2022 NBA Playoffs pack, collect all 8 Doris Burke Mic Drop Moments from round one of the Playoffs and use them to complete the first Mic Drop Challenge

Ja Morant's "Fearless Dunk"

Jayson Tatum's "Announcing His Arrival" Game-Winner

Joel Embiid's "Too Good To Be True" Three

Tyrese Maxey's "Big Time Bucket"

Draymond Green's "Strength and Wisdom" Steal

DeMar DeRozan's "Turn The Lights Out" Layup

Chris Paul's "Patented Crossover" 

Jose Alvarado's "Signature Play"

Stay tuned for details on our next chapter in the NBA Playoffs, the Moments that are essential to that story, and which ones stand out to Doris in the coming days. 

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