January has been a month of milestones for NBA Top Shot. 

As we wrap up the week, here’s where things stand as of 3:45 pm PST on Friday, Jan. 28, 2022. 

  • The launch of our first national campaign, in partnership with Kevin Durant, has introduced tens of thousands of new fans to Top Shot since January 18. 
  • We continued our beloved Flash Challenge series, connecting the dots between your Moment™ NFTs and nightly NBA action. This month, we’ve offered 22 “easy” and “hard” Flash Challenges, with over 23,000 members of our community completing at least one, and 11 new Fandom Edition Moments minted as Challenge Rewards. 
  • Flash Challenges have also enabled us to scratch the surface of near real-time Moment curation and minting, spearheaded by the return of Klay Thompson to the NBA after 941 days away from the game. 
  • We rolled out and sold out the Series 3 pack drops of our Hustle and Show and Holo Icon sets, along with the continuation of our flagship Base Set and Metallic Gold LE Premium Packs. 

All of that action and innovation, hand in hand with the greatest hoops community in the world, has led to something we’re proud to announce.

This January, the NBA Top Shot Marketplace has seen more than 1.67 million transactions, the most ever for a single month in our history. Go there now >>

It also pushed NBA Top Shot well over 15,000,000 total marketplace transactions since launch. 

This record-setting month of activity and engagement across our global community of basketball fans resulted in $52,494,160 in total marketplace volume so far in January 2022. 

This isn’t a victory lap, but rather, a health check. A signal that we’ve started this year off on the right foot, and will continue to build NBA Top Shot into something our new and existing fans love. 

To our loyal community at the heart of all this activity, we promise that we are just beginning to unleash what’s possible and what the future of fandom looks like. We’ve got plenty of surprises in store for February that you’re going to love.