For NBA fans, there’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite team hang a new banner in the rafters. 

As the 2023 Playoffs continue on Top Shot, we’re introducing Team Tags to give collectors a new way to enhance their profiles, and celebrate each team’s achievements.

The available Team Tags will commemorate each of the remaining teams’ progress through the Playoffs, starting with Conference Semifinalist, then Conference Finalist, then Conference Champion, and lastly, NBA Champion. 

While you can begin to earn the Conference Semifinalist of all 8 remaining teams today, only 1 team’s fanbase will have the joy of adding their NBA Champion Tag to their profile. 

To earn each Tag, you’ll need to complete a series of fun Plays on Top Shot, like showing off your favorite Moment from a Playoffs Series or collecting a new Playoffs Moment.

So Play along with the Playoffs and collect the Team Tags of your favorite team – or the squad you’ve hitched your wagon to on The Champion’s Path — and put your fandom on full display on the way to the Finals.