Welcome to the August Mailbag! It’s been an awesome month on NBA Top Shot, with a lot of action happening each week. Larry Bird’s drop is now in the rearview mirror and there’s a ton of exciting things on the horizon. Let’s dive right into the questions.

I’ve noticed the team has placed an added emphasis on collecting and completionism in recent months. What other new initiatives can we expect on this front? 

Collection organization and giving collectors ways to express themselves via their collections continues to be a top priority for our team.  We are working on a bunch of improvements around collections and profiles that we’re excited to roll out in the coming weeks and months. To name one that we’ve been hearing feedback on consistently is giving collectors the ability to sort their collections by Top Shot Score, which we know will make it easier for fans to enjoy their collections and for Leaderboard participants to access the Moments they’d like to use from their collections. 

Other ways to display your collection and express your identity as a fan are being prioritized. We know the collector profile on Top Shot still has a lot of untapped opportunities for improvement. We can’t wait to share more as soon as it’s ready. 

When does Series 4 end?

Series 4 will likely end right around the start of the 2023-24 NBA season.

Will we have historical moment minting rules or guidelines in place before the next release of RIB or Anthology? 

Yes. There will be some historical rules and guidelines shared before our next historical sets drop. 

Are the S4 Anthology Sets going to remain open sets past Series 4?

Yes, all of our Anthology Sets to date are going to remain open past Series 4. The plan for Anthology sets is for them to remain open for several years, and we’re going to be patient and methodical to ensure the very best Moments from Anthology-level players make it to Top Shot over time.

For the KD Anthology Set, is “The Dagger” at a /99 mint count going to be the lowest mint count in the set? Or will there be mints lower than /99?

Kevin Durant’s Anthology will include more Legendary Moments. While we don’t have immediate plans to release Legendary Kevin Durant Anthology Moments, it’s fair to say that a future Kevin Durant Legendary Anthology Moment will have a mint count below /99. To date, the scarcest Legendary on the platform is LeBron James’ Anthology “The Block” out of /23. While we don’t necessarily anticipate Kevin Durant’s scarcest Anthology Legendary to be /23, we do expect at least one of his Legendary Anthology Moments to be /35. 

Can we expect a Run it Back Legacies, Run It Back, and Archive set to be released this year before the start of the new season?


You mentioned in a recent mailbag that your team was considering different approaches to make collectors’ favorite team in product matter more. What’s the latest there? 

We recommend collectors ensure their favorite team is up to date, as we may take snapshots intermittently throughout the summer and into the season to recognize which teams collectors are identifying as their favorites. Locking in your favorite team as a feature is still something we’re considering as well. 

As a new collector, what is the best way to learn about Top Shot for what I'm meant to do? 

First and foremost, welcome to NBA Top Shot! There are a lot of different ways to engage on the platform, and there’s no single “right way” to collect. 

For more information about how to learn about Top Shot and collecting strategies, we recommend checking out our NBA Top Shot 101 Page. Also, feel free to hop in our Discord and select your favorite team to connect with like-minded fans over there. Our community is the best, and consistently helps collectors like yourself with questions.  

What’s the latest with regard to being able to withdraw funds from my account? 

We're excited to announce that we have expanded our withdrawal options for collectors both in the United States and internationally: 

  •  U.S. Collectors can now withdraw funds via ACH and wire. 
  • International Collectors are now eligible to withdraw funds via wire. 

Starting in September, standard transactional fees for wire and ACH withdrawals will apply. We will continue to waive deposit fees at this time. As always, our priority is to ensure collectors worldwide have flexible access to their funds, and we are incredibly excited to have parity with where we were earlier in the year. Again, we appreciate your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact support@meetdapper.com, where our team will assist you.

Is the Locker Room coming back? Or do we only burn Moments for Trade Tickets now? 

While we are not formally retiring the Locker Room, we do not have plans to leverage the Locker Room in our foreseeable future. As of today, collectors maintain the ability to burn Moments in exchange for Trade Tickets, and there will continue to be opportunities to use Trade Tickets in product, but there are no plans at this time to bring back an always-on Locker Pack offering from the Locker Room. 

Thank you for reading the August 2023 Mailbag. If there are any other questions you want to see answered, send them to mailbag@nbatopshot.com for consideration this September. And don’t forget to download the NBA Top Shot App to access your collection easier than ever.