Sports can bring out the competitive nature in everyone. For Top Shot collectors around the world, a competition across two Leaderboards took place during the weekend of 2023 NBA All-Star, starting on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 1pm ET and ending on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 3pm ET.

Two new limited-time Leaderboards were live, tapping into the Rising Stars rosters and All-Star rosters to give collectors a way to Lock eligible Moments and/or Burn eligible Moments to compete against each other for rewards.

The prizes? 

NBA Jam arcade machines, Mitchell & Ness Hardwood Classics All-Star Jerseys, Legendary Series 4 Rookie Revelation Packs, Rare Series 2 Rising Stars Packs, Rare Series 2 All-Star Packs, Rare Summer '21 Run It Back 2005-06 Packs, and Common Series 2 Seeing Stars Packs.

All were up for grabs in a real-time Leaderboard competition that slowly built steam until it reached a thrilling and high-octane conclusion in the closing minutes.

In pursuit of first place, we even saw one collector purchase and burn a Legendary Series 1 Holo MMXX Julius Randle Moment — the first Legendary Moment EVER burned by a collector.

When it was all said and done, the Top 500 of the Rising Stars Locking Leaderboard and All-Star Burning Leaderboard can be found here and here, and all of the winners have been notified. The flurry of activity resulted in some eye-popping numbers, which we're happy to share with our community — whether you were an active participant or spectator.


The data below only reflects newly locked eligible Moments during the Leaderboard, not any existing locked Moments — although they did count in the actual Leaderboard ranking.

  • Total New Moments Locked: 7,498
  • Total New Top Shot Score Locked: 3,456,772
  • Highest New Top Shot Score Locked: 53,000 (Scottie Barnes Legendary)
  • Total New Commons Locked: 6,027
  • Total New Common Top Shot Score Locked: 1,924,809
  • Total New Fandom Locked: 1,006
  • Total New Fandom Top Shot Score Locked: 471,254
  • Total New Rares Locked: 451
  • Total New Rare Top Shot Score Locked: 688,749
  • Total New Legendaries Locked: 14
  • Total New Legendary Top Shot Score Locked: 371,960

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The data below reflects all eligible burned Moments during the Leaderboard timeframe.

  • Total Moments Burned: 18,374
  • Total Burned Top Shot Score: 1,947,425
  • Highest Top Shot Score Burned: Julius Randle Holo MMXX (62,556)
  • Most Frequently Burned Moment: 404 Jaren Jackson Jr. Series 2 Base Set
  • Total Commons Burned: 17,909
  • Total Common Top Shot Score Burned: 1,623,644
  • Total Fandom Burned: 375
  • Total Fandom Top Shot Score Burned: 62,170
  • Total Rares Burned: 89
  • Total Rare Top Shot Score Burned: 199,055
  • Total Legendary Burned: 1
  • Total Legendary Top Shot Score Burned: 62,556

This data can also be found here:

Thank you for participating!