NBA Top Shot's Refer a Friend program is back!

Basketball is fun to play alone, but to truly unlock the potential of what’s possible on the court, you need a little help.

Magic isn’t Magic without four other players running the baseline and posting up in the paint, ready to benefit from his vision and passing abilities. CP3 doesn’t become the Point God without 15+ years of dynamic scorers and dunkers by his side. 

Teamwork is essential to the game we all love, and while ripping packs and cruising the Marketplace can always be fun, just like shooting around alone in your driveway, we know that NBA Top Shot is better with friends, too. 

We’ve created our new Refer A Friend program with the spirit of teamwork, community and shared experiences in mind. It’s live now, and when you participate, both you and your friends will get rewarded.

Here’s how the NBA Top Shot Refer A Friend Program works:  

Visit your profile on NBA Top Shot and you’ll find a personalized referral link that you can easily share via text, email and social.

NBA Top Shot Refer A Friend

When someone creates their first NBA Top Shot account using that link — whether that’s your friend, family, coworker, or teammate — and buys their first pack of officially licensed NBA or WNBA digital collectibles, whether that's a $9 starter pack or the latest pack drop, you’ll both receive a $15 non-withdrawable credit to spend on NBA Top Shot in your accounts within 7 days of their purchase. 

To complete the Refer a Friend process and earn the $15 NBA Top Shot credit, each new account you refer must also complete an identity check.

For more details on the identity check process, please refer to our help center.

For everyone who signs up using your personalized referral link, completes an identity check and makes their first purchase, in addition to the $15 non-withdrawable NBA Top Shot credit for both of you, you’ll earn an Assist. We’ll be keeping track of anyone and everyone who has earned an Assist, and their friend who “scored” because of that Assist, providing surprises along the way to community members who participate.

NBA Top Shot Refer A Friend

Ready to channel your inner point guard? Share your Refer a Friend link to help someone you know start their NBA Top Shot experience and collect their first officially licensed NBA NFT.

See the program rules here. For support around this program, visit our help center.

Happy referring!

This blog post was updated on August 8, 2022 to re-introduce the program, including new details around the requirement of an identify check for new collectors who are referred to Top Shot via the program. This blog was updated on September 8, 2022 to reflect a new change to the program where only a pack purchase qualifies for the referral bonus.