The NBA has become a 12-month league, and NBA Top Shot kept up with the action in an ever-eventful September, which featured a first-of-its-kind Run It Back drop, and the arrival of the greatest Moments from the last decade coming to the platform.

The Challenges from this drop are still ongoing, so don’t miss your chance to earn a Legendary, Rare, or Common Challenge Reward from one of the best eras of NBA history.

The Legendary Challenge features the greatest shot in Canadian Basketball History. Complete it here.

The Rare Challenge features the only Rare or Legendary Rookie Nikola Jokic Moment to ever exist on Top Shot. Complete it here.

The Common Challenge features Jalen Brunson's new Rookie Moment. Complete it here.

The next few weeks will be extremely fun as we gear up for the NBA Tip-Off. We’ll be keeping this mailbag relatively short, as you can be certain that you’ll be hearing more from us about plans for the season over the coming weeks.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

When is the Pack Marketplace going to arrive? 

Top Shot’s Pack Marketplace is finally here! There are some incredible Moments still hidden in unopened Legendary and Rare Packs, including the #1 serial from LeBron James’ Legendary Dunk from the Series 1 2020 NBA Finals, among many other grails that are now available. Expect more Packs to become available in the Packs Marketplace in the coming weeks as we optimize our systems to deliver the best collector experience possible. 

WNBA Top Shot recently took a Snapshot of Completed + Locked Sets as a way of determining access to the final Legendary Drop following the WNBA Finals. How can I confirm my eligibility? 

This Snapshot was taken on September 21 and a complete list of collectors with Completed and Locked WNBA Sets can be found here

Will Moments in the Top Shot's App be getting the #1 and Perfect Serial icons added to them?

Yes, the App is constantly being developed, improved, and updated, and adding these icons is part of a future update cycle. We also anticipate full badge compatibility in the near future. 

Why have you been focused on Leaderboards lately? What have been the positives?

Burn Leaderboards have changed the game for Top Shot at the grail level. Compared to the past two seasons in which we saw massive drop-offs in engagement for NBA Top Shot between the second and third quarters of the year, this season we actually saw a modest increase in volume on the Marketplace. In an attempt to keep engagement strong during the offseason, and give collectors of high-end Moments a way to upgrade their collection, we introduced Burn Leaderboards in the spring. At the same time, we’ve observed some interesting activity in the marketplace. However, to be clear, this may be a case of correlation and not causation.

The average highest Offers across Rare and Legendary Moments from star players and star rookies has increased by 23% since April. We see Burn Leaderboards as a big reason to hold and collect existing grails, while also complementing the arrival of new incredible Moments with ways for all collectors to enjoy the product. 

You can read a detailed recap of every recent Leaderboard here

What’s the latest with Fan Communities?

We are excited to share more info on the upcoming season with these communities before the season starts and are extremely excited for the season ahead.

Fun fact: 1,000+ tickets to NBA games in the 2023-24 season have already been purchased by our Fan Communities across the 30 teams.

What are the next steps for Top Shot’s Set IP program?

Since launching on September 20, we’ve seen over 50 submissions from the community and are actively working to deliver art files and best practices so each Set owner can pursue their passion projects. We look forward to sharing these launched projects as they're finished by members of the community!

Are there any planned upcoming use cases for Trade Tickets? 

Yes, collectors can expect there will be Trade Ticket Drops on Top Shot in the future, especially evident during the next series.

When can we expect a Roadmap for the upcoming NBA season? 

We plan on sharing details about our plans for this season later in October. We look forward to sharing more soon.

Are there any rules about scarcity with regard to historical Moments?

Yes, glad you asked. We recently released four core rules for how we’ll ensure scarcity and certainty with future supply with regard to historical Moments. Check the rules out here

Thank you for reading. If you have additional questions, let us know by emailing for next month's edition of this Mailbag.