Basketball season has returned. Reservations for the first drop of the 2023-24 season are underway, meaning the opportunity to pick up elite rookie Moments from Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and the Thompson Twins has arrived.

But as the action on the court picks up, we’ve seen questions trickle in from the community. Let’s dive right in:

What will the rewards be for those who have completed and locked Sets going into this season?

Collectors will have the opportunity to earn airdrops for locking eligible Sets throughout the season. Most weeks, we will announce an upcoming drop that’ll feature the opportunity for collectors to lock relevant Sets to earn a free airdrop. 

Find out more about the Sets that’ll be receiving rewards in this blog detailing all the different ways your Moments can offer you utility throughout the season. 

I love the Offers feature but feel like it could be improved. Does the team have any plans to improve Offers?

Good timing for this question! As of today, we’re rolling out some key upgrades to the Offers feature. These upgrades include, but are not limited to:

  • Offers page now sorts by highest offer by default
  • If your offer is not in the top five highest Offers, it is shown separately, with the option for the buyer to cancel
  • Separate tabs for Edition-level and Serial-level Offers, showing the top five Offers on each tab
  • Visibility for the total number of Edition-level Offers shown in an easily digestible way

When will the App MP open up to everyone?

The mobile Marketplace is currently in testing with a small cohort of collectors. We plan to increase access to more collectors over the coming weeks and months. 

What will the mint counts look like for the non four-badge Top Shot Debuts during the 2023-24 season?

After careful consideration, and helpful community feedback, we have made the decision to ensure all rookies making their Top Shot Debuts this season will receive a /4000 Common Moment, regardless of if the Moment came from their very first game or not. 

Rookies such as Taylor Hendricks and Cam Whitmore only received late game minutes in their first NBA game, failing to log a stat. Their Top Shot Debuts, as a result, will come from the game in which each records their first career bucket instead. In these cases, these Moments will not be a traditional “four badger” but rather a three badge rookie featuring the Top Shot Debut badge, the Rookie Year badge, and the Rookie Mint badge. These Moments will appear in the Rookie Debut Set. 

Non-rookies who earn their Top Shot Debut this season will have that Moment minted to the edition size of other Moments in the Set. 

Is the Locker Room ever coming back?

Never say never, but there are no plans to reinstate the Locker Room for this upcoming season. Moments that are traded in for Trade Tickets for the foreseeable future will be burned, and permanently removed from circulation. 

I really love the idea of weighted airdrops for Team Leaderboards. What more can you share about them? 

We are excited that weighted airdrops for Team and Player Leaderboards will give all collectors not only a reason to lock their Moments, but also to keep their Moments locked long term as a steady stream of opportunities to get rewarded appear throughout the season. 

As long as you have locked Top Shot Score tied to a specific team or player, you’ll be eligible to earn an airdrop, with your chances improving with increased locked Top Shot Score on the relevant Leaderboard. For example, on the Spurs Team Leaderboard, the number one collector -- Dingaling --received a Victor Wembanyama Rookie Debut Moment, but so did self_reliant_green who was 1,381st on the Spurs Leaderboard.

Will Trade Tickets continue to be relevant this upcoming season?

Yes, collectors will have opportunities throughout the season to convert their Trade Tickets into new Packs. While Trade Ticket exclusive drops will not be a weekly thing necessarily, they will regularly emerge as limited time surprises. 

Will there be pop-up Burn Leaderboards this upcoming season?

Yes, Burn Leaderboards will consistently be available for collectors to earn Packs and specific Moments in the Rare and Legendary tiers. 

If Hardware will be minted to /50 and Honors will be minted to /150, what happens for collectors who lock Series 4 Hardware and Honors? Will mints be added for collectors who lock those sets, subtracted from the number of leaderboard positions awarded, or will collectors receive airdrops from a different set instead?

Collectors who lock NBA Honors and NBA Hardware from Series 4 will receive an airdrop of a Pack from a different Set (from the respective tier) during the 2023-24 season.

I just reserved a Rookie Debut: Headliners Pack. Can you make it so everyone who reserves a Pack receives one before any collector receives two?

This is an interesting suggestion and one we will investigate in the future, but not something the pre-order system supports at this time.

Will you be introducing Ultimate 1/1s of non-rookies in the 2023-24 season?

No, we will not. The only Ultimate 1/1s that will be released in the 2023-24 season will be rookie players in this year's class. There are no current plans to release any other Ultimates than what has already been communicated to date.