The Nine Lives Lounge (NLL) is a groundbreaking club on NBA Top Shot, gated exclusively for collectors with all 30 Moments from the Cool Cats set

As we said when we first announced the NLL four months ago, this is the best membership ticket in basketball fandom. Anyone can join the lounge by purchasing all 30 Cool Cats Moments from the Marketplace. And in doing so, a collector will unlock a host of perks. Some of these perks are ongoing and available right now - others are still forthcoming. Let’s review it all:

Currently, membership into the Nine Lives Lounge brings the following ongoing benefits:

  • Access to an exclusive Discord Lounge. Collectors that own these Moments can join the NBA Top Shot Discord server, link their Discord account to their NBA Top Shot account, and then have access to exclusive Discord channels. This is the hub for the NLL perks and activity. Chat with like-minded collectors about the Marketplace, the slate of NBA games on the calendar, or what you’re having for dinner. The community decides what happens here.
  • Direct support from the Dapper Labs community team. One of the NLL exclusive channels is dedicated for help and support. Designed to have a response in a speedy fashion and prioritize questions from the NLL members, this perk guarantees NLL members VIP treatment. 
  • Exclusive conversations with Dapper staff. We’ve had multiple leaders from the Dapper team drop by, including conversations with the CEO Roham Gharegozlou. Roham offers NLL members the opportunity to ask questions and discussion that is unmatched anywhere else.
  • Access to NLL Giveaways. In the NLL Discord, there are a range of surprise giveaways. Everything from packs to jerseys to tickets to NBA games. Some of these are from NBA Top Shot, some are from the community itself. Because that’s what the NLL is all about.
  • A community-led direction. NLL members are often given a chance to vote on what they want to see happen within the community. This allows for the community to shape itself, and take the form of what they want the NLL to look like long-term. Joining today allows you to be part of that process.
  • Considered for early access to a variety of future projects from Dapper Labs. Access varies from project to project.

But those features above are just a sliver of all that’s ahead. Here’s a look at some confirmed benefits to come within the next 3 months for all Nine Lives Lounge members, as long as they continue to hold all 30 Cool Cats editions:

  • Early access to the Dapper Labs ALL DAY platform. This will be determined by a snapshot taken of everyone holding the Cool Cats set*. Any collector who is in the Nine Lives Lounge when that snapshot happens will be eligible to join the Dapper Lab ALL Day platform within the first 2 weeks of its launching. Further information about ensuring eligibility for those holding the Cool Cats set can be found in the NLL-News Discord channel.
  • Early access to the UFC on Flow platform. Every NLL member who has already registered for early access to the future Dapper Labs UFC platform can expect early access. Those who register now can also expect early access but will likely only be eligible for it after those in the NLL who have already registered. Please note that the final date and details are not yet publicly available, but we expect to have some more information for the NLL in the coming weeks.
  • Swag for the Nine Lives Lounge members. Within the next 2 months, we will deliver some NLL exclusive merch to NLL members. This merch will be delivered, for free, to those members who are holding the set at the time of a future snapshot*. Eligible collectors will be asked to provide shipping details to receive the merch.
  • Continued interviews and special guests. Due to the positive responses and popularity of the Dapper staff conversations in the Nine Lives Lounge, we will continue to expand on these. In the next couple of months, collectors can expect to hear from Dapper team members from a range of different teams, backgrounds, and experiences. This gives a chance to learn more about the people behind the product, as well a chance for open conversation and feedback. There will be representatives from marketing, product, partnerships, support, and engineering, among others. And we will see guests from outside of Dapper Labs joining to speak with the NLL as well.
  • Community events, airdrops and giveaways. This will be an ongoing feature of the NLL membership, and you can expect more to come in the next few months.

This list is not fully comprehensive, and we will continue to explore other ways to bring exciting opportunities to the NLL.

This is a look at just the next few months for the NLL. Members can also expect more updates in 2022, as we continue to grow and develop. This update can help collectors decide if the Nine Lives Lounge is for them, and we will make sure we continue to provide clarity and transparency on our plans for the coolest membership ticket in digital basketball.


*snapshot has not yet happened, and no date of when it will happen has been announced.