What’s up Top Shot squad!

It was a big week for us: we opened our gates and now Top Shot is in Open Beta!!! Help us spread the word to your friends.

But wait, there's more: The Finals have arrived and some new rare packs are still available. What a time to be alive.  

We put a lot of effort into prioritizing bug fixes so we could open the gates on time. But now that we’re open, you can expect more features to drop in the coming weeks. Without further ado, here’s our latest:

Pack Summaries

Working on completing a Challenge or Set but unsure of your progress? Want a great screen to screenshot and show-off, featuring a top Moment from your pack opening? Curious to see how much Baller Status you’ve gained? With our new summary page, you can get a sweet visual and track all of the relevant stats every time you open a new pack.

Stats on Stats on Stats 

The stats don’t end on the pack summary page. Now every time you log in to NBA Top Shot, we’ll provide you with all your key metrics from the home screen. Did someone say, analytics?

Track your progress, get the rundown on your collection, and recap on your successes all from one centralized location.

Bug Fixes

We also solved bugs related to the:

  • Community Feed 
  • Marketplace (issues related to listing and delisting items)
  • Modals when using a referral link 

That covers this week’s updates. Now that we’re live, our community is poppin’. Head over to our Discord to catch the latest news, negotiate trades and deals with other collectors, and talk shop as we watch the Finals together this weekend.

Stay tuned for more features coming soon.