• A new Flash Challenge, called 'Freebies,' goes live after the final buzzer in tonight's final game (appx 10:00 pm PST), right here.
  • The six Moments must include the five players who led the night in made free throws across all NBA games from Dec. 6, 2021, along with one 'Wildcard' Seeing Stars Moment.
  • If you finish the Showcase and keep it intact by 1pm PST on Tues, Dec. 7, you’ll earn a guaranteed Series 2 Base Set Pack.

Top 5 Free Throws Made Leaders

  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - 12
  2. Joel Embiid - 12
  3. Trae Young - 11
  4. Bradley Beal - 9
  5. Steph Curry - 8

So often -- even at the highest level -- games come down to free throws.

Tonight, your Flash Challenge does too.

Often taken for granted, free throws are one of the most efficient ways to score at the NBA level -- even in the modern, 3's-for-days NBA. And whether you’re a kid starting out or a multi-time NBA All-Star, the free throw line’s often the great equalizer: a place where the pressure builds, the arena goes silent, and a make or miss can decide the game.

So tonight, we’ll be celebrating the players who don’t just get to the line -- they knock down shots when they’re there.


  1. Create a Showcase with exactly six (6) Moment™ collectibles.
  2. The six Moments must include the five players who had the most made free throws in games on December 6, 2021. It also includes one Wildcard from the Seeing Stars set.
  3. For this Flash Challenge, the Wildcard Moment is any Seeing Stars Moment.
  4. If any of the top 5 players in made free throws don't have a Moment on NBA Top Shot at the start of the Flash Challenge, it will require a Moment from the sixth leading player in made free throws of the night and so on.
  5. If there is a tie, we will use tiebreakers to limit the amount of players to 5. Tiebreaker #1 - Team Margin Of Victory. Tiebreaker #2 - Most Minutes Played.
  6. On Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 1pm PST, a snapshot will be taken of all Showcases. All eligible collectors who complete the Flash Showcase Challenge will receive a Series 2 Base Set pack within 24 hours of the completion of the challenge.
  7. Please make sure all Moments are delisted from the Marketplace before saving your Showcase. If you delist a Moment, ensure your Showcase is still valid. Otherwise, do not gift, sell, or trade in Moments in your Showcase until after you have received your reward or until winners have been announced. Prior to the snapshot, please verify that your Showcase still includes all eligible Moments.