Fast Facts

  • Stephen Curry just became the NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers
  • You can earn this record-breaking Moment by completing the brand-new Milestone Challenge
  • Click here to go to the Showcase

When Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller for the then-all-time 3-point record in 2011, Miller had a simple response: “All records are meant to be broken.”

Now, it’s Steph Curry’s turn.

And it may be a long, long time before anybody catches him. 

On December 14, 2021, the Golden State Warriors guard took on the NBA's No. 1 spot among 3-pointers made in the regular season, needing only 789 games to do so. In the process, the former league MVP has leapfrogged some of the NBA’s most celebrated shooters, both past and present.

To celebrate, we are introducing a Curry-themed Milestone Challenge, where you can earn Curry’s monumental, record-breaking 3-pointer by creating a Showcase. 

The Showcase will require 8 Moments, including six Steph Curry Moments, one Ray Allen Moment from Run It Back 2005-06 and one NBA Legendary 3 pointer. Without further ado, let those Showcases fly. 

Fine Print

  • Only 1 reward can be won per collector.
  • After the Showcase Challenge ends and prizes have been distributed, go to the packs tab of your profile to view your prize. All eligible winners will receive the Moment reward via pack.
  • The Showcase Challenge builder will automatically filter your eligible Moments for you. Click each slot to see which Moments in your Collection are eligible.
  • In addition to the Showcase Challenge builder automatically filtering your eligible Moments for you, the Marketplace and Collection pages also have filters available for all the requirements (set, team, player).
  • Do not edit your Showcase in any way until winners have received their packs. This includes listing, selling, and gifting. If you delist a Moment that was in your Showcase, please confirm that your Showcase still has the right amount of Moments and that they meet the criteria.
  • If you are unable to edit your existing Showcase or if you are unable to create another Showcase after selling eligible Moments, you can create one from scratch here. Name it anything you want. You can have as many as you want and we'll still count only 1 as being eligible.
  • Player stacking and Moment stacking are allowed, as long as the Showcase meets all requirements outlined above.
  • The number of Moments minted will match the number of users who submitted an eligible Showcase.
  • Snapshot times/dates may be extended if maintenance mode or technical difficulties prevent the Marketplace from being accessible in the final 12 hours of a Showcase Challenge.