Records are made to be broken. Since April 22, 1989, 38,387 points have been the benchmark for the NBA’s all-time career points leader in the regular season, standing the test of time for 34 years. Until tonight. 

With a fadeaway jumper at 11:58pm ET on his home court in Los Angeles, LeBron James has secured his spot as the NBA’s all-time career leading scorer in the regular season with 38,388 points (and counting). 

Achievements of this magnitude are worth commemorating and celebrating with a special treatment — and at NBA Top Shot, we’re proud to have the privilege of making the highlight of this historic bucket a new Legendary tier limited edition collectible in partnership with the NBA and NBPA. Only 99 will ever exist. 

As the greatest active NBA player and new record-holder for most points scored in NBA regular season history, LeBron’s achievement will serve as the first Moment in his Anthology Collection, which will unfold over the coming years and feature the best unreleased Moments of his career available in different tiers of scarcity.

Today we celebrate one of the greatest to ever do it with a Legendary Moment that will reverberate through NBA history forever. Here’s how you can add one to your collection. 

The 25 Top Shot collectors atop the LeBron James Player Leaderboard at 11:58pm ET on February 7, 2023, have already secured a free airdrop of this historic Legendary Moment.  

In the spirit of climbing the ranks towards greatness and passing Legends in the process, starting now, NBA Top Shot collectors can attempt to work their way into the Top 25 of LeBron’s Player Leaderboard by locking their LeBron Moments, dethroning an existing collector to secure their spot in the Top 25 by 3pm ET on February 16, 2023. 

At the time of the Snapshot, the original 25 Player Leaderboard collectors, along with any new collectors within the Top 25 at the time at the second snapshot, will receive this Legendary LeBron James Anthology Moment as a free airdrop. 

The remaining LeBron James Legendary Anthology Moments — whatever is left from the total supply of 99 — will be distributed in single-Moment packs that anyone can attempt to win. 

$9 Celebration of Stars Hot Packs are now available (update: as of Feb 8 at 2:30pm ET, these packs are sold out) featuring new Rare and Common Moments. 25,000 packs will be available at a time, with inventory refilled upon sell out and available for a limited time only. For every $9 Celebration of Stars Hot Pack you purchase, you will receive a single Moment pack airdropped to your collection starting on February 23, 2023.

These single Moment packs will include a Series 4 Base Set Moment or the LeBron James Legendary Record-Breaking Anthology Moment. 

Here’s what’s waiting inside Celebration of Stars Hot Packs. 

  • The Rare LeBron James Video Game Numbers Highlight Reel from his 47-10-9 performance on December 30th, his 38th Birthday, against the Atlanta Hawks.

  • The Rare James Harden Video Game Numbers Highlight Reel, capturing a Philadelphia 76ers Franchise Record and Career-High 21 assists for The Beard, along with 20 points and 11 rebounds.

  • Luka Dončić’s Throwdowns Moment, representing his previously nominated Top Shot 50 Moment.

  • A mix of Base Set, Spotlight Series, Parallels, Rookie Debuts, Throwdowns, and For The Win Moments from NBA All-Stars and fan favorites, including Giannis Antetokounmpo and Domantas Sabonis Base Set Moments, Joel Embiid and Lauri Markkanen Spotlight Series Moments, and a Bam Adebayo Throwdowns Moment. 

The hunt for LeBron’s record-breaking Legendary Moments inside these single Moment packs airdropped to participants will be a once-in-a-lifetime collector event that we can’t wait to celebrate together starting on February 23, 2023.

Alongside this Legendary Moment and achievement, a collection of new Challenges and Plays to celebrate LeBron's career are now live, including your shot to get a slice of $38,388 in NBA Top Shot shopping credit in a Challenge exclusively available to collectors with a Top Shot Score over 38,388. 

In total, there are three Challenges live, along with three different limited edition Tags you can earn by completing Plays, exclusively over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to The King. Let the games begin.