We apologize for the issues that collectors experienced last week. All outstanding Metallic Gold LE Moments have been distributed to the collectors who should have received them last week. All collectors who should have received Parallel Moments in their Premium Packs will receive them by this time next week.  

All of the systems that were used as part of May 10th's Pack Drops have either already been -- or are in the process of being -- diagnosed and repaired if needed. To ensure the Legendary Rookie Revelation Drop was properly packed, we delayed the Drop.

The Pack Drops from last week did not meet our standards, and additional checks and balances have been instituted for future Drops. Collectors who received fewer/different Moments than they should have will receive Packs with the Moments they should have received as soon as possible. The series of issues we encountered were never seen before and, as such, it may take some time for us to prepare a detailed report but we will be following up with details as soon as possible. We deeply apologize to all collectors who were impacted.

We appreciate your patience, and we will commit to transparency, in success and failure, to ensure Top Shot becomes the best product to complement the best community in sports.

EDITOR'S NOTE - 5/17/2023:

MGLE Moments were randomly packed from the remaining MGLEs. But, to be clear, that’s not necessarily mutually exclusive from the MGLE potentially being what they could’ve/would’ve received had the drop been successful.  

The resolution process would not change a collector's odds of getting a specific serial. The MGLEs collectors could have received and the MGLEs users did receive came from the same pool (i.e. no additional MGLEs were minted). Both times, a random selection was performed. To illustrate, imagine there are 100 MGLEs and 10 Packs. We randomly assign 10 MGLEs and remove them, then randomly assign 10 different MGLEs. The second assignment is still random, and the chances of getting a specific MGLE are effectively the same as if we hadn't performed the first assignment and removal. Each Pack is randomly assigned one MGLE from the pool. Specific Moments or serials are never assigned to a particular Pack, and even during repairs, randomness is maintained without assigning specific Moments or serials to a Pack.

EDITOR'S NOTE - 5/18/2023:

All collectors who were missing Parallel Moments have been delivered those Parallel Moments today.