The joys of collecting come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their favorite players, teams, sets, themes and unique approach to building a collection of officially licensed on-court NBA highlights that we call Moments. 

The concept of a “Parallel” is a staple in the history and heritage of collectibles and “The Hobby” that drives such a rich passion around basketball cards. 

For collectors new and old around the world who are exploring Top Shot’s Marketplace and Pack Drops, the signature visual style and themes of Parallel Moments will provide a deeper level of personalization within their collection and how they choose to pursue a path of completion. 

In Series 4, Parallel Moments are a new part of our Base Set — a collection of limited edition special inserts that function as sub-editions of each Base Set Moment. 

Each Parallel features the same incredible Base Set highlight and pairs it with custom artwork and scarcer limited edition mints. 

These Moments also feature the same core collectibility utility as the Base Set for people pursuing a complete set in Series 4. 

Today’s Hot Packs drop features the first reveal of Parallels in their four Base Set insert varieties. Shop for Parallels here.

Explosion (500 mint count): Kevin Love, Anthony Davis, Trey Murphy III, Will Barton, Jalen Smith 

Torn (1000 mint count): Nick Richards, Tyrese Haliburton, Matt Ryan, Royce O'Neale, Kristaps Porziņģis

Vortex (2500 mint count): Cam Reddish, Alperen Şengün, Damian Lillard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Wesley Matthews. 

Rippled (4000 mint count) Grant Williams, Goga Bitadze, Damion Lee, Keldon Johnson, Paul George.

Explore the new artwork and watch the new Moments in the Marketplace today, and stay tuned for new Parallels as the season progresses.

Parallels have been designed to be collected, and we hope you enjoy making your favorites a part of your collection.