Love ripping packs? 

Imagine pulling a Limited Edition, Rare or Legendary Moment™ NFT from any NBA Top Shot pack. 

Well, for the month of February, that fantasy is about to become a reality. 

As we push to make Top Shot the best product possible — with the best fan experience at every turn —we're excited to announce a new test. One that'll put a long-standing community request into action.

Over the next handful of pack drops in February, we are piloting a new system to continue to improve the product. In this wave of drops, it will be possible to pull a Rare or Legendary Moment in packs that are more accessible for everyone, and where previously you could only pull a Common.  

Rare Moments are among the most exciting in all of Top Shot. For the Metallic Gold LE Moments being featured in these packs, only 749 of each will ever exist.

Legendary Moments are the most exclusive in all of Top Shot, and for the Holo Icon Moments being featured in these packs, only 99 of each will ever exist. When curating the Moments in our Legendary tier, we pay special attention to jaw-dropping plays that will forever be immortalized on the blockchain as elite collectibles. 

Here's a look at Kevin Durant's Rare and Legendary Moments in our Marketplace today.

In these drops, all Moments tiers — from the most scarce Legendaries to the most accessible Commons — will exist in harmony across two pack drops each week. 

These new “Standard” and “Elite” pack types will be available multiple times over the next few weeks, with the first opportunity being February 3, 2022.


Standard Packs will cost $19 and will contain four Moments, one of which could be a Limited Edition Common, Rare or Legendary. There is no Collector Score requirement to purchase a Standard Pack, and depending on your Collector Score, you may have the opportunity to purchase multiple packs in a single order. 

  • 1,000+ Collector Score = 2 packs per transaction
  • 3,000+ Collector Score = 3 packs per transaction
  • 5,000+ Collector Score = 4 packs per transaction


Elite Packs will cost $49 and will contain five Moments, one of which will be guaranteed to be a Limited Edition (non-Base Set) Common, Rare or Legendary. In the first drop, Elite Packs will be gated by a 10,000 Collector Score.

  • 10,000+ Collector Score = 1 pack per transaction
  • 25,000+ Collector Score = 2 packs per transaction
  • 50,000+ Collector Score = 3 packs per transaction
  • 100,000+ Collector Score = 5 packs per transaction

The Rares and Legendaries that’ll be available in these first such packs are Metallic Gold LE and Holo Icon Moment™ NFTs, respectively. 

In our first drop, the Limited Edition non-Base Set Commons are from our new Game Recognize Game set, featuring Moments hand-picked by Kevin Durant.

A snapshot was taken at 11am PST on January 24, 2022 for a Game Recognize Game Pack Airdrop.

There will be 1 Standard pack airdropped for each completed set of:

  • Base Set (Series 1)
  • Got Game (Series 1)
  • Early Adopters (Series 1)
  • Base Set (Series 2)
  • Cool Cats (Series 2)
  • Base Set (Series 3)
  • WNBA 2021 (Summer 2021)

There will be 1 Elite pack airdropped for each completed set of:

  • MGLE (Series 1)
  • MGLE (Series 2)
  • MGLE (Series 3)
  • MSFE (Series 3)
  • WNBA RIB (Summer 2021)

There will be 3 Elite packs airdropped for each completed set of: 

  • Holo MMXX (Series 1)
  • Holo Icon (Series 2)
  • In Her Bag (Summer 2021)

Please note: while we are extremely excited about this new dimension to Top Shot, especially for what it’ll mean for new fans coming to the platform, we do not look at this as an etched-in-stone permanent change. 

We are building this product with you, and look forward to hearing your feedback. For us to build the best version of Top Shot possible, we will continue to iterate and explore ways to bring this feature into Top Shot over a longer period of time. 

We know this news will lead to questions, so we will attempt to answer some of them in advance in the FAQ section below. 


Why Are You Testing Standard and Elite Packs? 

Whether you are a brand new member of the NBA Top Shot community ripping their first pack, or someone who has been around since Series 1, a Common Pack has always meant a 0% chance at a Rare or Legendary Moment. Because Rare and Legendary Packs are only released a few times each Series, it can often create long windows of time when none of these extra scarce Moments are available in packs. We believe this will create a more appealing experience for new NBA Top Shot fans as compared to the current contents of a Series 3 Starter Pack or Base Set pack, and also satisfy our existing community with a dose of delightful surprises in their weekly pack ripping experiences. 

What About My Collector Score? 

We are extremely conscious of our fans and their efforts to build high Collector Scores, and have kept that in mind throughout the process of bringing this test to life. 

For those with higher Collector Scores, you'll have the opportunity to purchase more packs when you score a good spot in the Queue.

Everyone will have access to the Standard Pack Queue, but a higher Collector Score will be required to unlock the ability to purchase more packs per transaction, while supplies last. 

For this test, access to the Elite Pack Queue, carrying packs with a higher likelihood of pulling a Rare and/or Legendary Moment(s), will be gated by Collector Score as well. The Collector Score requirement to participate in this first Elite Pack Queue will be 10,000. 

Will The Legendary and Rare Pack Drops We Are Used To Still Exist? 

We aren’t shutting the door on our classic system of Common, Rare or Legendary Packs, but we will let your feedback and the data serve as our north star.

As we test these new packs, we also welcome and encourage your feedback to ensure we continue to build this product with the community’s wishes and recommendations in mind.

What Is The Probability Of Pulling A Rare or Legendary Moment In These Packs?

The probability will vary from drop to drop, but for our first drop of this nature, the Standard Pack model will come with approximately a: 

  • 23.974% chance of pulling a Limited Edition Common from Game Recognize Game,
  • a 2.554% chance of pulling a Rare Metallic Gold LE, 
  • and a 0.079% chance of pulling a Holo Icon. 

These packs will have, at most, one Limited Edition Common, Rare or Legendary Moment each. 

For the first round of Elite Packs, there will be a: 

  • 90.477% chance of pulling a Limited Edition Common from Game Recognize Game
  • 8.030% chance of pulling a Rare Metallic Gold LE
  • a 1.491% chance of pulling a Holo Icon

Over Time, Will We See Other Rare and Legendary Sets In These Packs Besides MGLE and Holo Icon?

We are keeping our options open, and it’s possible we’ll release more Rare and Legendary Moments from other sets in these types of packs long term.