Who’s dropping in Run It Back and Archive?

Run It Back 2005-06 drops this week, and we couldn’t be more excited to reveal all the names of Hall of Famers, upstart rookies, and fan-favorite role players coming to NBA Top Shot. From a Top Shot Debut of Allen Iverson in his prime to Steve Nash in MVP form finishing an impossible reverse layup, get in on a slice of the NBA’s greatest Moments from 2005-06. Read on for all the names.

An aside for serious collectors: knowing that these Moments will have a big impact on your collector strategy, we wanted to provide more context about which players will have Moments in both Run It Back and the Archive Set, so you can plan accordingly as you dive in.

Here’s the rundown!

Run It Back 2005-06

Soon, you’ll be able to queue up for a Rare Run It Back 2005-06 set. Here is the full list of Moments in those packs.

Allen Iverson - Top Shot Debut

Andre Iguodala

Andre Miller - Top Shot Debut

Andrei Kirilenko - Top Shot Debut

Andrew Bogut - Rookie

Antawn Jamison - Top Shot Debut

Baron Davis - Top Shot Debut

Ben Wallace - Top Shot Debut

Carmelo Anthony

Caron Butler - Top Shot Debut

Chauncey Billups

Chris Bosh

Chris Paul - Rookie

Danny Granger - Rookie

Darius Miles - Top Shot Debut

Deron Williams - Rookie & Top Shot Debut

Dirk Nowitzki

Dwight Howard

Dwyane Wade - Top Shot Debut

Elton Brand - Top Shot Debut

Gerald Wallace - Top Shot Debut

Jason Kidd - Top Shot Debut

Jason Richardson - Top Shot Debut

Jermaine O'Neal - Top Shot Debut

Jerry Stackhouse - Top Shot Debut

Josh Smith - Top Shot Debut

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Martin - Top Shot Debut

Lamar Odom - Top Shot Debut

LeBron James

Lou Williams - Rookie

Michael Redd - Top Shot Debut

Mike Bibby - Top Shot Debut

Morris Peterson - Top Shot Debut

Nate Robinson - Rookie & Top Shot Debut

Paul Pierce

Quentin Richardson - Top Shot Debut

Rashard Lewis - Top Shot Debut

Ray Allen

Richard Hamilton - Top Shot Debut

Shane Battier - Top Shot Debut

Shaquille O'Neal - Top Shot Debut

Shawn Marion

Stephon Marbury - Top Shot Debut

Steve Nash

Tim Duncan

Tony Parker

Tracy McGrady - Top Shot Debut

Tyson Chandler - Top Shot Debut

Vince Carter

Archive Set (Drop 1) Player List

The first drop of the Archive Set will be ready for anybody who isn’t lucky enough to snag a Rare Run It Back 05-06 pack. There are 90K+ Packs available, and they’ll contain Moments from some incredible players from the 2005-06 and 2013-14 seasons. All of these Moments will have Edition Sizes between 10K and 20K. The players in bold also will be in the Rare Run It Back 2005-06 drop.

Al Harrington - Top Shot Debut

Alonzo Mourning - Top Shot Debut

Andrei Kirilenko

Andrew Bogut  - Rookie

Baron Davis

Ben Gordon - Top Shot Debut

Ben Wallace

Bonzi Wells - Top Shot Debut

Boris Diaw - Top Shot Debut

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Paul - Rookie

Damian Lillard (2013-14)

Danny Granger - Rookie

Deron Williams - Rookie

Dwight Howard

Dwyane Wade

Elton Brand

Gerald Wallace

Hakim Warrick - Rookie & Top Shot Debut

Jared Jeffries - Top Shot Debut

Jarrett Jack - Rookie & Top Shot Debut

Jason Richardson

Jermaine O'Neal

Jerry Stackhouse

Kevin Garnett

Kyle Korver - Top Shot Debut

LeBron James

Luke Ridnour - Top Shot Debut

Manu Ginobili

Michael Redd

Morris Peterson

Nate Robinson - Rookie

Paul Pierce

Richard Jefferson - Top Shot Debut

Robert Horry - Top Shot Debut

Shawn Marion

Smush Parker - Top Shot Debut

Stromile Swift - Top Shot Debut

Vince Carter

Zach Randolph (2013-14) - Top Shot Debut

Coming soon: Players who will be in both Run It Back and the second Archive Set drop

You will notice that some players will have a Run It Back Moment coming out in Thursday’s drop that do not yet have a Common Archive Set complement. Please note that we will have an Archive Set drop in the coming weeks that’ll feature Common Moments from these players: 

Chauncey Billups

Dirk Nowitzki

Jason Kidd

Josh Smith

Lou Williams

Ray Allen

Richard Hamilton [Editor's note: Richard Hamilton was wrongly omitted from the initial list. Has been added on October 26th) 

Shaquille O'Neal

Stephon Marbury

Tim Duncan

Tracy McGrady

Vince Carter

Players who will be in Run It Back and Fandom, but not in any Common Archive Set drops in the Summer 2021 series 

The following players will have a Moment from 2005-06 in the Run It Back drop and will soon have a Fandom Moment from 2005-06 as well. These players, however, will not have a Common Archive Set Moment in the Summer 2021 series. 

Allen Iverson

Chris Bosh 

Steve Nash

Tony Parker

Players who will be in the Rare Run It Back 2005-06, Fandom, and Common Archive Set in 2021

These three fan favorites will have Moments released across three different rarity tiers, meaning they’ll be accessible for collectors of every level. Please note: the Edition Size of the Rare Run It Back Moments for these players will be far rarer than their Common Moments. 

Dwyane Wade*

Shaquille O’Neal

Vince Carter 

Who’s coming next for the second Archive Set drop

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we reveal more names who’ll be making their Top Shot debuts in our second Archive Set drop, which will be released in a few weeks. 

Additional notes

We are treating Run It Back 2013-14 Moments extra carefully. As such, no player that was featured in Run It Back 2013-14 will have an Archive Set Moment from the 2013-14 season until 2026 at the earliest. As you can see from the above, these players may get an Archive Set or Run It Back Moment from other years in the interim.

*Dwyane Wade’s Fandom Moment will become available within the week following Run It Back. We plan for this Moment to be exciting and attainable for many collectors and Dwyane Wade fans on NBA Top Shot. Stay tuned for more details after the drop. 


Q: When is the Archive Set - Drop 1?

A: These packs will drop on Thursday, October 14, as Rebound Packs for the General Queue

Q: Can I buy both a Run It Back pack AND an Archive Set pack

A: No. The Archive Set pack will be available as a Rebound Pack for collectors who are unable to land a Run It Back pack in the General Queue. 

Q: Will there be Rebound Packs for every Queue?

A: No. The Archive Set Rebound Packs will only be available in the General Queue. You must enter the General Queue for Run It Back 2005-06 before the Queue closes, in order to ensure yourself a chance at a pack.