On Monday, March 29 at 11 AM PDT, a new pre-order for Base Set Series 2 packs will begin. This pre-order will allow collectors, new and experienced alike, the opportunity to purchase a Base Set pack from Series 2 Release 24.

This pre-order will operate similarly to the last one in many respects but with one very significant difference. This time around, the queue will remain open for two entire days, giving any and all interested collectors the opportunity to line up for a pack at a time convenient for them.

That's right, collectors will have from Monday at 11 AM PDT until Wednesday at 11 AM PDT to queue up and pre-purchase their pack. If you join the queue at any point within that 48-hour window, you’ll be guaranteed the opportunity to place an order.

While improvements have been made to the process, collectors can still expect considerable wait times depending on the number of people in the queue when they join. Collectors in the queue will have the option to request to be notified by email when it’s their time to purchase or simply just hang out and watch the queue streams that we’ve got lined up for broadcast throughout the two-day affair.

Upon successful completion of a transaction, collectors will be given proof of purchase but the packs won’t be available to open until all of the orders are processed, minted and distributed to buyers. This process can take about two weeks, but in any event, we'll update all those who pre-order a pack with the latest status on Wednesday, April 7.

Packs in this pre-order will be limited to one per collector and there will be no tolerance for those that try to circumvent this restriction. Accounts found to be in violation of our terms of service will be prohibitively restricted if not blocked from transactions altogether.

Base Set Series 2 Pre-Order

Queue Begins: Monday, Mar 29 at 11 AM PDT

Last Chance: Must be in queue before Wednesday, Mar 31 at 11 AM PDT

Pack Delivery: About two weeks after order

Status Update: Wednesday, Apr 7

Limit: 1 pack per transaction, 1 transaction per collector

Price: $9 USD

Requirements to Join: None, this drop is open to all good faith collectors.

Base Set Series 2 Pack Details

These Base Set Series 2 packs each come loaded with three Moments from the current Base Set.

The specific Moments distributed throughout the packs available consist of memorable plays from rookies and veterans throughout the 2020-21 campaign thus far. The Edition Sizes of each Moment contained within vary.

A total of 169 different Moments will be in circulation in these available packs, consisting of plays from 158 different players. Cop iconic plays from league superstars, limited edition rookies and any number of classic Moments from your favorite players and teams.

Note that a number of the Moments available in this drop will be retired. While all Moments that have already been minted will come out in packs, these Moments will soon see their Edition Sizes finalized as they are and will have their CC indicators replaced with LE. Read more about NBA Top Shot circulation counts.

View a complete list of all the Moments available in this drop.