*** April 29th, 9 AM PDT Update: the link to purchase your pre-registered pack is available *** 

*** April 28th, 8:30 AM PDT Update: Pre-registration has now concluded. Just under 300,000 collectors pre-registered for a pack***

Looking to get your hands on a Series 2 Base Set pack? Look no further. This week, we’ve put together a new pre-registration system to get more Base Set Moments into the hands of those who want them.

Between now and April 28 at 8 AM PDT, collectors will have a window to pre-register for access to one of these packs. Simply log in to your account, visit the pack page before the designated window closes and click to register.

In this pre-registration window, collectors won’t pay for anything - instead they will sign up to be included in the drop when it happens later in the week. If a collector doesn’t pre-register, they’ll be unable to join the drop.

Then, on Thursday, April 29, a different 30-hour window will open up for those who successfully pre-registered to return to NBA Top Shot to join a queue and eventually claim their pack upon successful payment. So long as collectors join the queue in the 30-hour purchase queue window, they will be given an opportunity to purchase their pack. 

Note that if you do not return to join the queue between April 29-30, you will not receive your pack.

Key Stats

  • Registration Window: NOW until April 28 at 8 AM PDT
  • Purchase Queue Window: April 29 at 11 AM PDT until April 30 at 5 PM PDT
  • Moments in Pack: 3
  • Packs Per Collector: 1
  • Pack Cost: $9 USD

Please note that while all collectors are eligible to pre-register for this Base Set Series 2 pack, our compliance team will ensure that only accounts in good standing will be permitted to purchase packs when the purchase window opens. Remember that each collector may only have a single NBA Top Shot account.

The goal of this experimental pack registration system is to allow us to prepare the Moments on a quicker time scale than previously while allowing collectors to pay only as they actually receive their packs. We’re optimistic that the new approach will also allow for a smoother pack opening experience when it’s time for collectors to rip their packs.

This Base Set drop will include 245 Moments, including 32 Three-Star Rookie Moments, 57 other Top Shot Debuts and a wide variety of memorable highlights from the stars you know and love.

The breakdown of the packs themselves will be the same as any other Base Set pack drop with three common Base Set Moments and a sales price of $9 USD.

View a complete list of the Moments available in this drop.