The Premium Pack drop today sold out in only 5 minutes. We love these packs and we’re glad you do too. Wave 2 in this set of FIVE is slated to drop on Thursday at 12:00 PM PDT. Set your watches, we expect the next wave to sell out quickly.  

Wave 2 features a chance to score a rare Metallic Gold Moment when Denver Nuggets All-Star bigman Nikola Jokic gets his “point guard on” with a sweet double behind-the-back dribble move against the Kings.

More details on Wave 2 here.


Miss the first drop of Metallic Gold LE Moments (MGLE) when they dropped in legendary packs earlier? No sweat. We'll be dropping five—yes, five—waves of second drop Premium Packs, each featuring a rare MGLE Moment which won't ever be found in packs again. But set an alarm so you don't miss out: Premium Packs have gone quickly in the past. 

Monday's drop kicks off the first of five waves, with each pack giving you a guarantee to hit one of 41 possible MGLE Moments from the 2019-20 NBA season from 41 different players, with 5 headliners each only available in one particular wave. Only 299 of each of these golden Moments will ever exist. 

Pro tip: Collecting these Moments may also be the key to winning exclusive Metallic Gold LE Moment rewards in future NBA Top Shot Challenges so grab ‘em while you still can!

The first wave features Luka Dončić's throwing down a ferocious one-handed slam, a headlining Moment that will never be available in packs in gold again. Future waves will each feature a different headliner. Oh, and since we minted all five waves of these packs quite a while ago, there might be some nice lower serial number or even retired Base Set Moments available while the packs remain.

Key stats: 

  • Pack cost: $24
  • Total packs: 1,492
  • Pack Contents: Check the sheet
  • Drops: 10 AM PDT, September 28, 2020
  • Available until: 10 AM PDT, October 7, 2020, or while supplies last

This rare pack contains 6 Moments:

  • 1x rare Metallic Gold LE
  • 5x Base Set

The Base Set selection in this pack includes 151 dynamic Moments from 151 players in the 2019/2020 NBA season. These packs were minted early in the beta, so expect to see some low serial number Base Set Moments appear.

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