New series. New Premium Packs. This Thursday, February 25 at 9 AM PST, Premium Packs are back for their first Series 2 drop and they figure to sell out quickly if recent history is any indication. 

This opportunity to acquire rare and coveted Metallic Gold LE Moments will appeal to NBA Top Shot collectors new and experienced alike, so it’s only right that we feature recent NBA champs making moves and young stars with something to prove.


Some of the MGLE Moments you can snag in the latest Premium Pack include:


Here’s a complete list of every Moment available in these time-limited packs (while supplies last). 

And as always, if there's a particular Moment you need to complete your set, you can hit the Marketplace to see what your fellow collectors are offering up. There's always a value play to make over there.


Challenges on challenges on challenges. That's what.

We’ve got two common challenges featuring former #1 overall picks. Collect all 10 required common Moments and earn yourself this never-to-be-sold-in-packs Anthony Davis spin-cycle slam against the Spurs. If flashy passing is more your style, don’t miss out on your chance to add this never-to-be-sold-in-packs Derrick Rose dime from his debut game back with the Knicks.

If you’re looking for something legendary, don’t sleep on this chance to add a never-to-be-sold-in-packs James Harden between-the-legs dish from one of his first games with the Brooklyn Nets.  

To complete a Challenge, you must acquire at least one of each of the required Moments. Hold on to them until the timer runs out, and we’ll send you this exclusive reward!

Anything Else?

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that NBA players have started to get in on the fun. Check out Pelicans guard Josh Hart opening packs with Kings star rookie Tyrese Haliburton and Warriors guard Damion Lee. And if you’re looking for even more content, check out former Slam Dunk champion and Orlando Magic wing Terrence Ross ripping packs on his YouTube channel. The pack parties are just getting started and there’s never been a better time to join these players scouring deals on the Marketplace. 

Anything Else Else?

An important reminder that collectors must consolidate their accounts by March 1st or risk harsh penalties. Collectors with multiple accounts are encouraged to gift all of their Moments to their primary account immediately. March 1st is fast approaching. 

Until next time, happy collecting!