Just in time for the holidays ... now you've got a new way to show off your collection.

Starting today, you'll be able to print your NBA Top Shots on Infinite Objects, bringing a whole new dimension to the Moments you love. Want to find out a little more? Read on.

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Back in August at the First Mint Fest, we announced that NBA Top Shot was coming to Infinite Objects. Since then we’ve received hundreds of messages from Top Shot collectors asking: “When can I print my Top Shot Moments?” Today is the day —you can now Print Your NBA Top Shot on Infinite Objects.

Here are 3 reasons why we’re so excited:

1. Infinite Objects Top Shot Video Prints are officially licensed NBA Merchandise. We worked with the NBA, the NBA Player’s Association, and NBA Lab to officially license our Video Prints of your Top Shot Moments. Our prints include holographic stickers of authenticity from the NBA and Infinite Objects on the backside so you know they are genuine NBA merchandise. 

Every Top Shot Video Print features holographic stickers of authenticity and a unique QR code on the backside that links to the exact Moment Number that it represents. 

2. Every Top Shot Video Print is Authenticated. 

Only the owner of a specific moment will be able to purchase an Infinite Objects Video Print of that Moment. Top Shot collectors will first login with their Dapper Wallet on our Print Your Top Shot web app. After logging in, you’ll see your collection in a grid, and can select which moment you’d like to purchase a Video Print of. 

3. NBA Top Shot Video Prints are available in our NEW Extra-Large Acrylic Size. This month we unveiled the brand new IO10 Extra-Large version of our Video Print line. These units offer extra beauty along with extra screen size to extra show off your Top Shot collection. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Print Your Top Shot experience to truly commemorate your NBA Top Shot moments, in an authenticated and genuinely licensed physical object.

[Head to InfiniteObjects.com for yours]

What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • Got one and want to share it? Use #PrintYourNBATopShot
  • A large is $199. XL is $399.
  • Only current NBA Moment™ collectibles are eligible for Infinite Objects at initial launch. Infinite Objects is working to make WNBA and retired-player Moments available.
  • We are celebrating this launch with Infinite Objects by partnering with creators in our community to run giveaways on Twitter. Follow the action at #PrintYourNBATopShot .
Have any questions about your Infinite Objects? Head to their FAQ page right here