After our success with the Base Set Stress Test yesterday, we shared in the community's excitement about dropping these Holo Icon legendary packs today.

Due to a bug with the new queue system, many of those who showed up for the drop at 12 PM PST on the dot were able to immediately purchase a pack without entering the queue. When the queue opened, many packs had already been sold. 

While the queue system did not perform as we had expected and communicated, we take solace knowing this was the widest legendary pack drop distribution to date. No individual account was able to purchase more than one pack.

We will fix today’s bug ASAP. We are confident this new system will perform more reliably going forward and work to continue to improve our pack drops. We say it all the time, but we say it because it’s true: we are still in beta, and we know and expect some hiccups to occur for the foreseeable future. We will do our very best to minimize those. Progress isn’t always linear, but we had some important learnings for next time. In the meantime, here's a note from our CEO:

Congratulations to those who were lucky enough to get a pack! Thank you for believing in NBA Top Shot.