• For the first time ever, fans on NBA Top Shot will be rewarded with a free pack featuring a single Moment™ NFT from the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, airing on Saturday evening.

  • Packs will be delivered to all fans who make a Starter Pack or Marketplace purchase on Top Shot between February 1 and Saturday, February 19th at 10pm PST.

  • Each pack will contain a unique Fandom Moment from Saturday night’s AT&T Dunk Contest, ranging in rarity from 1,010 to other plays with five-figure Edition Sizes. 

Let's make the rim shake.

A new Fandom tier set featuring Moments from the 2022 AT&T Dunk Contest, Rim Shakers, is coming soon.

And if you've bought a Starter Pack or made any Marketplace purchase in the month of February, you've got a pack coming your way.

Each play in this set will come with its own unique Edition Size, with the contest winner’s Moment minted to 1,010 and the other plays from the set minted to varying totals in the five figures.  

We anticipate that these packs will be airdropped into qualified fans’ accounts by the end of day on Monday, February 21 at the latest.

Not sure if you qualify? As long as you've made a Starter Pack or Marketplace purchase on Top Shot between 12:00am PST on February 1 and 10:00pm PST on February 19th, you're good.

Still need to get eligible? Don't worry. You've still got time.

If you are new to Top Shot and haven’t yet purchased a Starter Pack, you can grab yours here

If you have been around Top Shot but haven’t yet purchased a Moment from the Marketplace, you can do so here to qualify for the airdrop.

We can't wait to watch Saturday live with the greatest community in hoops ... and make a little history with you while we're all at it.