Basketball's all about adjustments.

Finding the right matchup. Perfecting your Playoff rotation. Tinkering with your shot. 

For the last year-plus -- and especially over the past two months -- we've been relentlessly testing, analyzing and learning. Sometimes after W’s, sometimes after L’s. Every step of the way, we've been talking to our community to get wide perspectives on what the future of NBA Top Shot looks like.

Today, we’re excited to take a defining step toward the future of Top Shot, right alongside our community.

For the rest of Series 3, we’ll be trimming our upcoming supply significantly. In the process, we’ll be cutting previously scheduled pack drops from our roadmap. 


On NBA Top Shot, the Moments tell the story of the season.

When we rolled out our content roadmap plan for Series 3, we introduced new sets and themes to expand our storytelling capabilities.

As we enjoy NBA Playoff action and prepare to curate the most important Moments of the season so far, we have decided to make meaningful adjustments for the rest of Series 3.

We will provide more updates on each of these drops as we get closer in the calendar, and are actively working on a roadmap for the off-season that we’ll share in the coming weeks. 


  • 500 Series 1 Reserve Packs drop at the end of the month. They’ll be available exclusively for Trade Tickets (350 needed: get started here)

  • We’ve slashed the second installment of Hustle & Show in half. Five of the remaining six Hustle & Show Moments from Series 3 will be distributed exclusively through an airdrop, with the sixth being earnable as a Challenge Reward. (What is Hustle & Show?)

  • Lastly, new WNBA Player’s Choice 2021 Moments will be minted and released to the exact number of Challenge completions over the coming weeks, as we transition from April to May and into what’ll surely be an electric WNBA Season. Earn an Elena Delle Donne Moment here. 


The month of May is synonymous with elite playoff action. 

To capture the defining Moments of the 2021-22 postseason, we’ll have two exclusive NBA Playoff pack drops in May, one for each round after they wrap.

  • Last year’s Playoff set contained 112 total Moments. This year’s set will be radically smaller with a hard cap at 75 Moments (including Challenge Rewards). Mint counts on these Playoff Moments will be between 8,000 and 8,750, making them some of the scarcest Moments in the series and meaningfully rarer than Playoff Commons in Series 2.

  • Some of the first NBA Playoff packs will be available for Trade Tickets.

  • In addition to the NBA Playoff drops, the month of May will see a WNBA Rare drop, featuring historic Moments from some of the league’s greatest players. This pack will officially kick off Series 4, which will run concurrently as we wrap up Series 3. There will not be a Summer Series this year, and Series 4 will look very different from Series 3, as we’ll be taking our learnings from this year to ensure we optimize for growing with our community into next year and beyond.
  • All NBA Playoff drops will be a part of Series 3, but Series 4 content will begin before Series 3 fully wraps.


  • June will see the return of our Rare Conference Finals drop, And Then There Were Four, along with our Legendary 2022 NBA Finals drop. 

  • We’ll have extremely limited Common drops in June for the later rounds of the postseason.

  • Last but not least, there will be a historical Rare and Legendary pack drop in a first-of-its-kind June event that we’ll be sharing more details about in late May. We’re excited about this one. Packs will be in extremely limited supply and hard to come by.

To recap, these updates also mean the following:

  • There will be no more pack drops involving ANY Series 3 content for the rest of April.
  • Our international-themed Common set and our rookie-themed Legendary set will both be postponed to a later series to ensure both sets feel unique and incredible at rollout. One of our upcoming drops will start at a time that’s optimized for our international community’s convenience. 

  • We will hold off on the launch of our $9 packs that come with a chance at a Rare or Legendary Moment until later in 2022. The final Holo Icons and MGLE Moments of Series 3 will be redeemed in packs that are sold exclusively for Trade Tickets.

  • Our Ja Morant Throwdowns Challenge and our new teamwork-themed Rare set will both be earnable through new types of Challenges that’ll go live shortly after our new crafting feature is ready. 

We will provide more updates on each of these drops as well as details on June, our plans to send fans to every Playoff game, the WNBA calendar and even more as we get closer.