One of the most highly anticipated drops for the year on NBA Top Shot comes in the form of our Legendary Rookie Revelation set. Featuring 15 of the top rookies from the class, limited to just /75 of each player.

Like the Rare rookie set, Freshman Gems, the Rookie Revelation Legendary set will not feature any Challenges. This presents an opportunity to pull or earn a generational collectible from the likes of Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, and many other rising star rookies.

Rookie Revelation Leaderboards

For Rookie Revelation leaderboards 3 & 4 below collectors will compete based on the number of eligible Moments submitted rather than the cumulative amount of Top Shot Score on the eligible Moments submitted. For example, the Victor Wembanyama Rookie Revelation player leaderboard will be ranked by the number of Rare Victor Wembanyama Moments submitted to the leaderboard by collectors. Should collectors tie for the number of Moments submitted to the leaderboard, the tiebreaker will be the cumulative Top Shot Score of the number of Moments submitted.

For Rookie Revelation leaderboards 1 & 2 below collectors will compete based on the cumulative Top Shot Score of the number of Moments submitted.

1. Rookie Revelation Packs Leaderboard

  • Collectors can earn a Rookie Revelation pack by burning 2023-24 Rare rookie Moments. All Freshman Gems Moments and any other 2023-24 Rare rookie Moments will be eligible to be burned to place on this leaderboard. The Top 30 collectors on this leaderboard will each receive one Rookie Revelation pack.

2. Rookie Revelation Crate Leaderboard

  • Collectors can earn all 15 Moments in the Rookie Revelation set through this leaderboard. The only 2023-24 Rare rookie Moments that will be eligible to be burned to place on the Rookie Revelations Crate Leaderboard will be the players who are named to the Rising Stars roster at NBA All-Star this season.

3. Rookie Revelation Player Burn-to-Earn Leaderboards

  • Five Rookie Revelation Moments will be made available per player in the set for individual Player burn-to-earn Leaderboards. The only Moments eligible to be burned on these Leaderboards will be 2023-24 Rare rookie Moments from each respective player.

4. Rookie Revelation Player Burn-to-Earn (Jersey Serial) Leaderboards

  • There will be several leaderboards where the top collector will earn a jersey serial Rookie Revelation Moment from a top rookie. The criteria for these Leaderboards will be any 2023-24 Rare rookie Moments from the respective players. We will continue to monitor rookie player performance on the court to determine which players are chosen for these jersey serial leaderboards.

Set Locking for 2023-24 Rookie Revelation

Collectors who lock the complete 2023-24 Rookie Revelation set will earn a single Moment pack. This pack will contain either a Legendary Holo Icon Moment OR a 1/1 from a top rookie. More details will be shared in the 2023-24 Rookie Revelation drop announcement. Additionally, collectors who lock the entire Rookie Revelation set will receive an allowlist spot with the guaranteed right to purchase a Legendary Holo Icon pack later this season. Series 4 Rookie Revelation set locking reward and snapshot details will be shared in the official announcement for the 2023-24 Rookie Revelation drop.

Player Locking Leaderboards & Rookie Ultimate 1/1 Distribution

For every 2023-24 rookie that has their Ultimate 1/1 Moment distributed via set-locking reward airdrops, the top 3 collectors on that rookie’s player locking leaderboard will each receive that same single Moment pack airdrop.

This single Moment pack airdrop will either contain:

A Rare or Legendary Moment


The Ultimate 1/1 Moment from the respective player.

For example, if there is an expert challenge & set locking for a rare set the single Moment pack will either be a Rare or the 1/1 Ultimate. If it's for a Legendary set it will either be a Legendary Moment OR the 1/1 Ultimate. You can earn two single Moment reward airdrops by both locking the set AND being in the top 3 on the player locking leaderboard of the player featured in the Ultimate 1/1 Moment.

Timing on locking and snapshots as well as other additional details will be shared at a later date.

Edit at 5:30 PM ET on January 29, 2024. Added better clarification around the player locking leaderboards, set locking and the single Moment pack airdrops.

Edit at 10:15 PM ET on January 29, 2024. Clarified that the Set Locking Rookie Revelations section is speaking to the 2023-24 Rookie Revelations set and that Series 4 Rookie Revelation set locking rewards and snapshot details will be announced at a later date.

Edit at 4:15 PM ET on January 31, 2024. Updated the Rookie Revelation Packs & Rookie Revelation Crate Leaderboards ranking / scoring system.